Demolition Demon 2

Demolition Demon was the name given to two heavyweight robots. While it only entered the Robot Wars main competition once, in Series 2, it proved its worth by reaching the Heat Final, only losing to Napalm on a controversial Judges' decision. In Series 3, the team entered Demolition Demon 2 into the Robotic Soccer side competition, but very quickly lost to Velocirippa.

Robot History Edit

Series 2Edit

Demolition Demon

Demolition Demon managed to outmanoeuvre all of the house robots in the Gauntlet (including Sir Killalot) and finished the Gauntlet, easily making it through to the Trial stage, after placing first, completing the Gauntlet in the quickest time in the Heat.

Demolition Demon continued its streak of placing first, winning the Skittles event by a clear margin, knocking down twenty barrels. Despite this success, the House Robots used Demolition Demon as a target to demonstrate their power, and Sir Killalot picked it up, holding it in place for Matilda to put a large scratch on Demolition Demon, using her chainsaw.

In the heat semi-final with Victor, it was able to push Victor around with ease. Demolition Demon pushed Victor into the PPZ, despite it escaping before the House Robots could come in. Just as Victor was moved into the middle of the arena, it broke down. Demolition Demon was given the win despite then getting flipped by Shunt.

It then fought Napalm in the Heat Final. Napalm was able to push Demolition Demon around before driving into the PPZ itself, Demolition Demon was able to nudge Napalm's side a few times before eventually nearly toppling Napalm with its wedge shape, however cease was then called. The judges' decision went in favour of Napalm, which was not a popular outcome.

Series 3Edit

The re-designed Demolition Demon only competed in the Robotic Soccer competition. Its opponent Velocirippa capitalised on a defensive error by Matilda to dribble the ball halfway across the arena and score past goalkeeper Dead Metal, eliminating Demolition Demon 2 from the competition.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 2 Heat A Gauntlet N/A Completed



Skittles N/A 20 Barrels



Semi-Final Victor Won
Final Napalm Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 3 Robotic Soccer Eliminator Velocirippa Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
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