Dark Steel modularity

Dark Steel (Stainless) showing off its angled spinner and thwackbot configurations

Dark Steel (Stainless) was a lightweight robot built by Team Dark Forces from Texas. Dark Steel (Stainless) competed exclusively at Rocket City Robot Assault in 2004, and was considered a spiritual successor to the team's previous Lightweight Dark Steel. Dark Steel (Stainless) was a low boxy robot with angled sides for getting under robots and could choose from a variety of weaponry including a rear mounted undercutter, a thwacking tail and an angled spinner.

History Edit

Rocket City Robot Assault Edit

Dark Steel and Sparky collide

Dark Steel (Stainless) and Sparky collide violently causing Sparky to be immobilised

Dark Steel (Stainless) had its first match of the tournament against flail-armed cage-spinner Sparky. Dark Steel charged towards its opponent face first immediately missing as it violently slammed into the wall before attacking once again getting slammed into another wall by Sparky's weapon, Dark Steel was stuck on the wall before Sparky came in for another attack and its opponent managed to free itself enough to keep Sparky back with its tail before escaping and slamming into Sparky again sending it flying and buckling one of the skirts on Dark Steel, Dark Steel then missed another ram but managed to push Sparky to the centre of the arena where it became clear that Dark Steel had managed to completely buckle the cage on Sparky as it awkwardly hobbled about before getting slammed into the wall again and immobilised with the cage buckled onto the arena wall giving Dark Steel (Stainless) the win.

Dark Steel uses its weapon on Medulla Oblongata

Dark Steel (Stainless) uses its weapon for the first time on Medulla Oblongata

Dark Steel (Stainless) then faced EV Warrior powered Thwackbot Medulla Oblongata choosing to use its Undercutter for this match.

Shippo ramming Dark Steel

Shippo rams Dark Steel (Stainless)

Dark Steel (Stainless) then was up against four-wheel drive rammer Shippo once again using its Undercutter configuration.

Results Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Gallery Edit

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