Not to be confused with the team's other robot D Plus.

D- was a Kilobot class robot that competed exclusively in Kilobots IX. It was a four-wheeled, invertible, black and white, double wedge design with no active weapons. D- did very well in competition, going undefeated, and winning the championship, however it did not return for any following events leaving it to be one of those uncommon robots to have never lost a fight.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots IXEdit

D-'s first opponent was Deathbot. This match consisted of D- shoving Deathbot around in a rather dull pushfest that went to the judges who decided in favor of D- putting it through to the round of 12 where it faced Shrieker. This fight started with Shrieker spinning up to speed, however its blade was far too light to deal any damage, and D- stopped it. D- followed this up by shoving Shrieker out of the drop off zone for the KO.

This put D- in the quarterfinals where it faced Roadbug. This fight started with Roadbug getting under D- and nearly shoving it out. However Roadbug drove off the drop off zone itself, giving D- the win by KO. This put D- in the semifinals where it faced Swiss Chef. This fight started with Swiss Chef spinning up to speed, however after just two impacts Swiss Chef's drum spinner came flying off, leaving Swiss Chef weaponless.

Swiss Chef's left side drivetrain then failed leaving it going in circles, D- then got stuck on the side wall, able to go only forwards, and backwards. However Swiss Chef then stopped working completely, giving D- the win by KO.

This put D- in the finals where it faced RP3. This fight started with RP3 spinning up to speed, and tearing pieces off of D-. However D- then managed to flip RP3, and push it out for another win by KO. This meant that D- was the Kilobot champion of Kilobots IX.


Series Event Opponent(s) Round Results
Kilobots IX Kilobot Division Deathbot Round

of 16


Shrieker Round

of 12


Roadbug Quarter



Swiss Chef Semi-



RP3 Finals



  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 0
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