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Cyclone 360

Cyclone is a robot built by Team Roaming Robots. It was applied to enter into Robot Wars Series 10 but was not selected to compete. The team have previously been successful with their previous robot Ripper in Robot Wars and also Live Events.

Versions of CycloneEdit


Cyclone ER

Cyclone was an invertible, wedged box-shaped robot with a six-wheel drive system, a predominantly HARDOX/ARMOX construction and front spring-loaded wedglets enabling it to get underneath opponents. It was armed with four interchangeable weapons - a front-hinged flipper, a rear-hinged flipper with an 'anti spinner' scoop, a drum and an axe.[1] Only the front-hinged flipper was used during its appearances at live events, which enabled Cyclone to throw other robots over and self-right. The robot was painted blue and purple, and bore a close resemblance to incumbent Robot Wars World Champion Storm 2. It was applied to enter Robot Wars Series 10 but wasn't selected to compete. It did enter the Chinese Show Clash Bots under the name Smasher.

Cyclone 360Edit

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After a destructive loss in the Chinese Robot Combat Show, Clash Bots, John Findlay built a new incarnation of Cyclone called Cyclone 360. This version is a full-body spinner made from a lorry-wheel hub and has a direction indicator on top that can act as a Self-Righter. This is the version that is seen still fighting today

Robot HistoryEdit

Robot Wars Series 10Edit

The first version of Cyclone was applied to enter into the 10th Series of the UK Robot Wars but wasn't selected to compete.

Clash BotsEdit

Cyclone competed on the Chinese TV show Clash Bots, where the robot was renamed Smasher, despite the name Cyclone still being engraved on the robot. Under the controls of Peter Redmond, it fought alongside Sparta, driven by John Findlay, to battle the British AU Thumper and the Brazilian Dark Wolf, using its front-hinged flipper. However, after Sparta was promptly immobilised, AU Thumper buried its axe into the wheel housing of Smasher, and did not let go, dragging Smasher around the arena. This allowed the vertical spinner of Dark Wolf to strike the rear of Smasher with devastating blows, causing Smasher's lithium polymer batteries to catch fire, and Smasher lost the battle in a blaze of smoke.

Live EventsEdit

Cyclone made its robot combat debut at the Robots Live! Burgess Hill event in April 2017, and has since become a regular competitor at various Extreme Robots events, themselves run by Team Roaming Robots. It also travelled to Russia in November 2017 to compete at Bronebots, alongside John Findlay's other robots, Ripper and Stinger. Cyclone 360 debuted at the Extreme Robots Portsmouth event in May 2018, where it was defeated by BattleBots competitor Parallax. However, it made up for this at its next appearance in Guildford, where it finished the event third overall. Cyclone 360 also finished in third place at the Chatham event, in September 2018.


Robot Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Cyclone Robots Live! Burgess-Hill 2017 Final Melee Monte

Behemoth, Eruption

TR3, Bigger Brother

Extreme Robots Colchester 2017 Whiteboard fight Thor


Whiteboard fight Thor


Internal Suspension

Whiteboard fight Thor

Weird mAlice


Extreme Robots Guildford 2017 Whiteboard fight Manta



Extreme Robots Maidstone 2017 Round 1 Tauron

Infernal Contraption

Extreme Robots Gloucester 2017 Whiteboard fight Gabriel


Cyclone 360 Extreme Robots Portsmouth 2018 Round 1 Parellax Lost
Whiteboard Saint Won
Extreme Robots Guildford 2018 Round 1 TR3 Lost
Round 2 Marabeast Won
Semi-Final Crackers and Smash Lost
Play-Off Magnetar Won (By Default)
Grudge Match F7 Won
Extreme Robots Chatham 2018 Round 2 Donald Thump Won
Semi-Final Ripper Lost
Play-Off ThunderChild Won
Extreme Robots Maidstone 2018 Round 1 Aftershock Lost
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