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Crasha Gnasha was a heavyweight robot that competed in Series 3 of Robot Wars. It lost its only battle to Fire Storm after being flipped and immobilized in the opening moments of the battle. It was a blue and white, three-wheeled robot designed and built to resemble a 'mutant robot shark'. Its was armed with a rear-mounted, 4lb swinging hammer hidden inside the robot's 'tail fin', and a circular saw mounted inside its 'mouth'. The hammer was hinged from the side and was designed to swing sideways as the robot turned, causing damage to side armour and wheels whenever it hit, while the saw was a cut-off type as used by the Swedish Air Force to cut people out of plane wreckage. Despite boasting a unique design, Crasha Gnasha suffered from a high ground clearance, lightweight construction and an inability to self-right. These issues quickly led to its defeat at the flipper of Fire Storm.

Robot History Edit

Series 3 Edit

Crasha Gnasha flipped

Crasha Gnasha is overturned

In its first battle of the Third Wars, Crasha Gnasha faced Fire Storm. It immediately turned round in an attempt to hit its opponent with its hammer, but was scooped up and slammed into the arena wall by Fire Storm, with the impact turning it over in a cloud of smoke and bending its 'head' back. Due to being unable to self-right, Crasha Gnasha was immobilized and seized by Sergeant Bash, before being dragged across the arena whilst the House Robot's pincers crushed its 'mouth'. Dead Metal and Matilda joined in the attack, with Dead Metal slicing through Crasha Gnasha's rear castor wheel and sawing it off before 'cease' was called. Crasha Gnasha was subsequently eliminated from the Third Wars, and did not compete in any other series of Robot Wars.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent Result
UK Robot Wars Series 3 Heat O Eliminator Fire Storm Lost

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  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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