Comet (RUS: Комета) is a simple but robust 2 Wheel Drive wedge robot from Russia. The team who built Comet also have a wedge lifter named Monoclone.

It competed in the first Rise of the Machines event in Perm in 2015.

Robot History Edit

2015 Edit

Comet Small
Comet beat Seventh in Round 1 then lost to OPK in the Quarter Finals.
Series Round Opponent(s) Results
Rise of the Machines Perm 2015 1 Seventh Won
Quarter Finals OPK Lost
Battle of the Robots 2016 International Event 2016

(Representing Russia)

Round 1 Gnutel 3.0 (Russia)

Prostofilya (Brazil)

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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