College Pasang Robot
College Pasang Robot (Thai: วิทยาลัยป่าซางหุ่นยนต์) was a robot built by students from the Pa Sang Industrial and Community Education College in Nakhon Chedi, Pa Sang District, Lamphun Province, Thailand. It was a four-wheeled, black, yellow, white, and blue, box-shaped robot armed with a pair of lifting forks. College Pasang Robot did decently in competition, winning its first battle before losing to Surin Phrathat by KO in round 2, despite its opponent breaking its own weapon.

Robot HistoryEdit

Seacon War of Steel 1Edit

College Pasang Robot's first opponent was NEUTRON. It won this match, and progressed to Round 2 where its next opponent would be Surin Phrathat. This fight started with College Pasang Robot charging at Surin Phrathat, which started flicking its lifting arm up, and down in the air. While it was doing so the lifting arm came off of Surin Phrathat, however College Pasang Robot drove under the arena wall where it got stuck, and was counted out, and eliminated from the competition.


Series Round Opponent(s) Results
Seacon War of Steel 1 1 NEUTRON Won
2 The Loyal Prince Lost
  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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