Close Shave was an antweight robot that was due to compete in the Antweight Championship during the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. Its main weapon was a crushing arm.
"The crushing arm can cleave straight through other antweights"
— Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide
However, Close Shave did not appear in the actual tournament, although the reasons behind this are unclear. An antweight with a crushing arm did compete in the form of Razzler.

According to the official guide, the team had built an "army" of antweights, of which Close Shave was supposedly the strongest. None of these other robots were seen on the televised show either.

Close Shave has, however, been successful in the AWS, beating Team Panda a few times, Combat Ant, Buzzant, Diced Carrot and the University of Reading at events before retiring. It won AWS2 and came 3rd in AWS3. -

Alan Parkin has also built other antweights such as Plod and GrassBox.

Close Shave did win the Antweight category at Robots@War 2000. -

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