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Clod Hopper was a robot from Bideford in Devon that competed in the Heavyweight Sprint during Series 3 of Techno Games in 2002. It was finished in four months and is powered by starter motors. Its name and design were a direct play on the 'clodhopper' shoe. In its lone appearance, it performed well as finished third overall after beating Kingshurst Flyer and Black Widow.

Robot History Edit

In Clod Hopper's first heat, it went up against Kingshurst Flyer. Clod Hopper got the quicker start and started losing direction at the 5m mark. Clod Hopper used its turntable to turn itself around and was still in the lead. In the end, Clod Hopper finished at 1:28:00 seconds and Kingshurst Flyer finished second at 2:14:43 seconds. This automatic win put Clod Hopper to the semifinals of the Heavyweight Sprint.

In its semifinal heat, it went up against the reigning Heavyweight Sprint champion Ulysses. This was all about Ulysses as it went across Clod Hopper's lane and crashed against the wall. Ulysses easily passed Clod Hopper and finished first at 45:94 seconds. Clod Hopper was going backwards and turned itself around to finish second at 1:13:87 seconds. Despite this loss, it had another chance to receive the bronze medal and went up against Black Widow.

At first, it was neck and neck between the two machines until Black Widow started slowing down and broke down all together. Clod Hopper easily passed the immobile Black Widow and turned itself backwards to finish first at 1:36:04 seconds. With Black Widow never finishing, Clod Hopper finished third place overall and it received the bronze medal in the Heavyweight Sprint.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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