Chaos 2

Chaos 2 is a robot from Robot Wars, it competed in Series 3-6 and also both series of Extreme, Chaos 2 was designed and built by self-employed, Ipswich based, mechanic George Francis, and operated by Team Chaos - Francis, joined by Ian Swann and his son Richard. The robot never changed in appearance; a small black wedge robot armoured in aluminium and polycarbonate and was often considered a role model for any designs featuring flippers and even a role model for Robot Wars. It was armed with a powerful high pressure pneumatic flipper driven off liquid CO2 produced in a fire extinguisher to drive the twin pneumatic rams at the base, expanding at 570/1. The robot itself also had superb traction, a low centre of gravity, two-wheel drive, a zero turning circle and 20mph top speeds driven by a pair of lawnmower motors; in total, the whole robot cost only £250 to build. It used several parts, such as the wheels, casters and differentials from its predecessor Chaos, much like how Chaos had utilised parts from its own predecessor, Robot The Bruce.

The small size helped it during its reign as UK champion as the chassis was tougher and could be modified and still keep under the weight limit of 80kg. However, this light armour, small body and general lack of improvements tended to cost it in later series, as it remained up to sixteen kilograms lighter than almost all other opponents and was relatively fragile.

Chaos 2 won the UK Championship twice, the only robot to do so in UK Robot Wars, a feat that Terrorhurtz, Iron-Awe 5, Big Nipper and Eruption would later emulate in FRA competitions after Robot Wars ended. It was the first robot to use its flipper to throw its opponents out of the arena altogether. Chaos 2 was also the first to defeat Hypno-Disc in Series 3. Its flipper also functioned as a self-righting mechanism when the robot had been flipped over, righting the entire robot in a half-somersault so it could continue fighting. While this was novel at the time, its inefficiency was clear in later series. Chaos 2's shape meant that it had to expend a large amount of CO2, and leap off the ground to self right; it was particularly susceptible to failing if the canister was low on gas or the flipper was damaged. This was particularly telling in its battles against Bigger Brother and Dantomkia, who both won by self-righting more effectively than Chaos 2.

The original Chaos competed in Series 2, being the sixth and final seed for the Second Wars, the first seeded robot to appear on the show, and reaching the Heat Final. Chaos is also notable as being the first robot to attempt to self-right in the UK series, but it failed after Team Chaos forgot to add a few rounded pieces of plastic to its back in its battle against Mace.

Robot History Edit

Series 2Edit


Chaos in Series 2

Due to Robot the Bruce reaching the grand final of the First Wars, Chaos entered Second Wars as the 6th seeds, and entered in Heat B. Chaos started quickly, clearing the ramp, but got caught by Segeant Bash, so retreated, before pushing past bash and dodging Dead Metal to reach the end zone, putting it safely through to the trial stage

There, it was against Dead Metal in the Tug of War. Pulling hard on the chain, it surprisingly managed to overpower Dead Metal, pulling them on the pit. Chaos was the only robot in Series 2 that was successfully able to pull Dead Metal into the pit in this event.

In the heat semi-final, Chaos was drawn against Wheelosaurus. Its weaponry was of little use as Wheelosaurus is an axlebot, but it still pushed them into Bash, who attacked Wheelosaurus with its flamethrower. Matilda and Shunt came in and attacked Wheelosaurus, immobilising them. Chaos, meanwhile, took on Dead Metal and was chased around the arena, being slammed into the arena wall - the impact of which tore the frames out of place. Chaos rammed and fled Dead Metal during the end of the match, and part of Dead Metal's armour dislodged. Time ran out and cease was called, but the match did not go to the judges, as Wheelosaurus was clearly immobile.

The Heat final was against Mace. Chaos got its flipper under Mace, but could not topple them. Chaos reversed, but drove too close to the PPZ, allowing Mace top push them straight into Matilda, who turned Chaos over. It attempted to self right, but became stranded on its back. Chaos took punishment from Matilda and Mace's chain flail. Shunt came in to attack and accidentally re-righted them, but it was flipped over again by Matilda, ending its run and allowing Mace to progress to the Semi-Finals. As the credits for the episode rolled, Sir Killalot used its claw to pick Chaos up, lift it into the air and show it to the crowd, before dropping it into the pit.

At the end of the series, Chaos was nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award but lost out to The Mule.

Series 3Edit

Chaos 2

Chaos 2 in Series 3

Heat E of the Third Wars was Chaos 2's very first televised appearance, and its first steps into Robot Wars history. In the first round of the heat, Chaos 2 was placed up against newcomers to the main competition in Crocodilotron. In the battle, Chaos 2 started much faster than Crocodilotron, which sluggishly ran away from it. Chaos 2 caught up with its opponent very quickly, and then got in underneath Crocodilotron, and flipped it up and over, into Matilda's CPZ, before flipping it again into the arena side wall, closer to the arena corner. Chaos 2 then tried another charge, seemingly trying to thrust Crocdilotron out of the arena, however, the house robots intercepted Chaos 2. Chaos 2 then lightly flipped Matilda, and broke the house robot's chainsaw chain as a result. Eventually, Sergeant Bash was able to control things by grabbing Chaos 2 with its jaws, and pinning it up against the arena side wall, whilst Dead Metal finished off the remains of Crocodilotron. Chaos 2 subsequently went through to the next round of the heat.

A similar battle ensued, as Chaos 2's second round opponent was Team Power's Sonic machine. In the battle, Sonic proved much more cautious than Crocodilotron, however, that didn't stop Chaos 2 flipping Sonic clean over almost straight away, from which Sonic could not move. However, to keep the battle going, Chaos 2 righted Sonic, only to flip it over again, Chaos 2 didn't right it this time. Chaos 2 then retreated to the distance, as the house robots pitted Sonic. Chaos 2 was then put through to the third round of the heat. Chaos 2 reached the Heat Final, only to be placed up against the other favourites of the heat, The Big Cheese.

Both robots had hesitant starts in this battle, and The Big Cheese got in underneath Chaos 2 and lifted it up, where the latter lay on its side briefly, before coming back down onto its wheels. Even though Chaos 2 was the much smaller robot, it then managed to flip The Big Cheese clean over. Chaos 2 flipped it back on its wheels as it charged towards the flame pit. The Big Cheese then proceeded to lift and flip Chaos 2 over, before shoving it up against the arena side wall. As The Big Cheese reversed away slightly, Chaos 2 immediately re-righted itself using its flipper. Chaos 2 then flipped The Big Cheese over again. The Big Cheese was unable to right itself, very similar to how Chaos could not self-right in the previous wars. The Big Cheese was attacked by the House Robots and eliminated from the competition, but not before taking on and damaging Sergeant Bash, much to the amusement of the Chaos 2 team. Cease was eventually called, and Chaos 2 was put through to the Series Semi-Finals.

Chaos 2 entered the first of the Series Semi-Finals, in the first round, it was placed up against the final heat winners Trident. In the battle, Chaos 2 managed to just catch the rear of the Trident machine, as it charged into it, flipping Trident high in the air, but it managed to stay on its wheels. Then, as the two machines turned to face each other, with Trident firing its axe weapon (which caused no damage), Chaos 2 once again took advantage of Trident's very high ground clearance, and flipped it clean over, onto the flame pit. With the shiny robot unable to self-right, and the house robots inflicting more damage to it. Chaos 2 was put through to the next round of the Semi-Finals.

Chaos 2 reached a grudge match with Mace 2. This was a rematch of the Series 2 battle between Mace and Chaos, which Mace won. In this battle, Chaos 2 used its flipper immediately, but did not flip Mace 2 at all. Chaos 2 drove in for another attack, but could not get under Mace 2's lifting ram. Mace 2 then used its lifting arm to create an attack, lifting up Chaos 2, and dragging it towards Sir Killalot's CPZ, but Chaos 2 got away just in time. Chaos 2 then used its flipper to flip Mace 2 at last, but Mace 2 remained on its wheels. However, Chaos 2 then flipped Mace 2 again, but clean over this time, Mace 2 was unable to self-right. The house robots finished off Mace 2, before cease was called. This victory meant that Chaos 2 was put through to the Third Wars Grand Final.

The Grand Final for the Third Wars kicked off with a battle between Chaos 2 and Firestorm. In the battle, neither machine could get in underneath the other, so they merely bashed into each other a few times. But then, Chaos 2 found an opening as Fire Storm drove across Chaos 2's flipping range. Fire Storm paused, as it was on the wedge of Chaos 2's flipper, even though the wheels of Fire Storm were still turning, Chaos 2 took advantage of this and flipped Fire Storm onto its back as a result. Before Fire Storm could self-right, Chaos 2 pushed it over to the arena side wall and flipped it out of the arena, the first Out-of-the-Arena (OotA) in Robot Wars history. This victory put Chaos 2 through to the Grand Final. Afterwards, George Francis said this was an accident as he was originally only intending to slam Fire Storm into the arena side wall.

The long awaited Grand Final that featured Chaos 2 up against Hypno-Disc was reached. In this battle, Chaos 2 had a fast start and both robots rammed each other. Hypno-Disc reversed into the arena side wall, very close to the arena flame pit. Chaos 2 followed it, catching the disc with its side, but not suffering any damage. Chaos 2 then used its flipper, unsuccessfully, but bounced and landed on Hypno-Disc's disc, temporarily stopping it. With Hypno-Disc's weapon stopped, and only accelerating back to normal speed at a slow rate, not to mention Hypno Disc's drive gears giving out. Chaos 2 drove in again, and flipped Hypno-Disc onto its back, from which the latter couldn't self-right. With the battle won, Chaos 2 then flipped Matilda onto its side, and then Shunt onto its back, to celebrate its victory. Cease was eventually called, and Chaos 2 was crowned the new Robot Wars champion. Notably, this was the last grand final not to go to the judges.

Chaos 2 later entered the First World Championships, going in as one of the favourites. However, Chaos 2 faced a tough battle, as it was drawn up against the Czech representatives Killerhurtz. To start with Killerhurtz didn't move and Chaos 2 lined up a broadside flip. Just before Chaos 2 could flip it, Killerhurtz sped off and came on the attack slamming its axe down, but Chaos 2 dodged it. Chaos 2 was moving quite sluggishly around the arena and Killerhurtz came on the offensive, but again missed with its axe. Both robots circled each other, until Chaos 2 reversed into Shunt's CPZ and the axes of Shunt and Killerhurtz came down, with Killerhurtz axing Chaos 2's flipper. Chaos 2 was in trouble as Killerhurtz wouldn't let go and Shunt's deadly axe was getting ever closer to Chaos 2's gas canister. Suddenly gas vented out of Chaos 2 and it was evident Shunt had found his target. However in a turn of events Shunt turned its attention to Killerhurtz and axed the Czech machine instead and Chaos 2 tried to escape. Killerhurtz got away and charged Chaos 2 again. Chaos 2 with its last ounce of strength dodged Killerhurtz and flipped it over. Despite its best efforts, Killerhurtz had suffered damage to its axe, couldn't right itself and was immobilised and Chaos 2 proceeded through to the second round.

In the Quarter Final round, Chaos 2 was drawn up against another English machine in Razer, a match-up that many in the pits wanted to see. In the battle, both robots came together in the middle of the arena and started driving around each other trying to get their weapons into range. Chaos 2 then flipped Razer, but it landed on its wheels. However, after driving off the flame pit, Chaos 2 backed into Razer, allowing Razer to catch hold of it. Chaos 2 was then pushed into the arena wall as Razer punched through the rear polycarbonate armour, piercing its C02 bottle again, rendering the flipper useless. Chaos 2 was then pushed into Dead Metal's pincers by Razer and the house robot proceeded to slice into Chaos 2's flipper panels. After a deep gash was carved into its flipper from the saw, Dead Metal released Chaos 2 and, to avoid further damage, Chaos 2 reversed across the arena and deliberately drove into the pit, ending its run in the competition.

At the end of the series, Chaos 2 was awarded with the Best Engineered Award, its battle with The Big Cheese also won the Battle of the Series award, as voted by the judges.

Series 4Edit


In Series 4

The reigning champions and number 1 seeds Chaos 2 had a fairly easy heat in the Fourth Wars. The robot was placed in Heat A of the main competition, and its first round battle consisted of two newcomers to the main competition: Indefatigable and Atomic. In the battle, Chaos 2 managed to flip Atomic onto its side immediately, with the latter just about managing to self-right. Chaos 2 then headed for Indefatigable, flipping it onto its side as well. Indefatigable was unable to self-right, and was declared immobilised. To celebrate this success, Chaos 2 continued its battle with Atomic, flipping it into the arena side wall (hitting the camera in the process), and then onto its back, from which it couldn't self-right. Chaos 2 then decided to continue fighting Indefatigable, bringing it up to the arena side wall, and flipping it out of the arena, putting it through to the next round of the heat.

In the second round of the heat, Chaos 2 was drawn up against its first invertible opponent, Medusa 2000, another newcomer to the wars. In this battle, Chaos 2 threw Medusa 2000 around the arena consistently, and nearly got it out of the arena on several occasions. Eventually, Medusa 2000 carelessly drove into Sergeant Bash's CPZ and had its rear wheel crumpled by the house robot's jaw, immobilising Medusa 2000. The house robots finished off Medusa 2000, putting Chaos 2 through to the Heat Final.

In the Heat Final stage, Chaos 2 was placed up against Atomic again, after they pulled off a surprise victory against the seeded King B3. In this battle, Atomic seemed to be immobilised almost from the start. Chaos 2 threw Atomic with its flipper around the arena several times, before trying to flip it out of the arena. After failing that, the reigning champions retreated, leaving the overturned and immobile Atomic to House Robot Sir Killalot to finish off. Sir Killalot grabbed Atomic, and crumpled the framework up, before placing it on the arena floor flipper, where it was flipped. As a result of this easy victory, Chaos 2 was put through to the Series Semi-Finals. After this fight, Craig Charles said that Chaos 2 seemed so much faster and more powerful than in the previous series, to which George Francis replied that he hadn't made any modifications to the robot.

In the first of the Series Semi-Finals in the Fourth Wars, Chaos 2 was drawn up against the number 7 seeds Steg 2 in the first round. In the battle, Chaos 2 flipped Steg 2 several times, with the latter self-righting each time. In fact, Chaos 2 was flipped over itself on one occasion by Steg 2, but Chaos 2 self-righted with great ease. Eventually, Chaos 2 got another flip in on Steg 2, flipping it onto its side, where Steg 2 then ran out of CO2 gas and remained overturned. Steg 2 was deemed immobilised, and Chaos 2 was put through to the next round.

In the second round of the Semi-Finals, Chaos 2 was placed up against newcomers to the competition Tornado, despite Tornado's tremendous success in the Fourth Wars thus far, the battle was over fairly quickly. In the battle, Chaos 2 flipped Tornado around the arena with relative ease, due to the latter's quite high ground clearance. Chaos 2 then flipped Tornado onto the arena side wall, wedging it up against it. Chaos 2 then threw Tornado out of the arena, securing victory, and putting it through to the Series Grand Final. This battle had in fact been fought 3 times, but only the last one was shown on TV as in the first the arena wall had been damaged and in the second both robots were immobilised at the same time- Chaos 2 had been immobilised by Shunt, and Tornado's drive chain had broken.

The first round of the Grand Final saw Chaos 2 get placed up against the number 30 seeds Stinger. This battle prove much harder than any of the previous battles. In the battle, Chaos 2 got several flips in on Stinger, before having the plastic on the back knocked off by Stinger's mace, leaving all the electronics and the gas bottle exposed. However, the reigning champions came back strongly and threw Stinger into Dead Metal's CPZ, and nearly flipped Stinger out of the arena. In the end, time ran out, resulting in a judges' decision. The judges declared that Chaos 2 had won by just one point. This was Chaos 2's first ever judges' decision on the televised show.

The Grand Final saw Chaos 2 go up against the number 19 seeds Pussycat. This battle proved just as difficult as the last battle for Chaos 2. In this battle, large pieces of polycarbonate were torn from Chaos 2 and it had another piece of plastic torn from the back. The blade on the front of the flipper was dented after Chaos 2 got it caught on the arena flipper. Eventually Pussycat's blade stopped working and twice Chaos 2 nearly got it out of the arena, but the flipper started running low on gas and Pussycat got stuck on its side because the blade normally assisted it in self-righting. Eventually the judges declared Chaos 2 the winner and Series 4 Grand Champion, becoming the only team to successfully defend the title in UK Robot Wars.

Chaos 2 also competed in the Northern Annihilator, during the filming of the Fourth Wars. It was going in up against Suicidal Tendencies, Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus, Stinger and Dominator 2. In the first round, Chaos 2 started with a lively burst of speed, and chose to exert most of its energy on Killerhurtz, first flipping it over in the arena centre (where the latter eventually self-righted), and then flipping it around in an unoccupied CPZ. Eventually, Dominator 2 closed in, and assisted Killerhurtz in fighting Chaos 2 back which then Stinger assisted with. The axes of the machines constantly bore down on Chaos 2, eventually rendering the machine immobile which then mad Shunt start hitting Chaos 2 as well. The robot was brought out of the arena corner by Spikasaurus, but there was no momentum from Chaos 2, and it was subsequently eliminated from the competition.

Extreme 1Edit

Chaos 2series 5

In Extreme and Series 5

Chaos 2's first round battle of the All-Stars Tournament saw it go up against X-Terminator, this battle featured in the first episode of Robot Wars Extreme. In the battle, Chaos 2 did struggle to an extent, as its flipper wasn't closing properly after firing. After Chaos 2 got its first flip in on X-Terminator, of which the latter remained the right way up, Chaos 2's flipper remained open slightly. X-Terminator then took advantage and tried to axe the open flipper, and steered Chaos 2 into Shunt's CPZ, who also had a go. Eventually, Chaos 2 broke free, and continued fighting. X-Terminator then had issues with its axe, as it couldn't retract. Chaos 2 got one more flip in on X-Terminator, which turned X-Terminator over onto its back. The axe stopped it from self-righting properly, so the Refbot counted it out, putting Chaos 2 through to the second round of the competition.

The Quarter Final round of the All-Stars saw Chaos 2 go up against Wheely Big Cheese, making it a grudge match, prior to the Series 3 Heat Final. This battle proved fairly easy for Chaos 2, as Wheely Big Cheese made little impact, as its flipper wasn't working properly. Throughout the battle, Chaos 2 continuously flipped Wheely Big Cheese around the arena, even managing to shove Wheely Big Cheese into the CPZ a few times. On one occasion, Wheely Big Cheese did get the opportunity to flip Chaos 2, but it came to nothing, as Chaos 2 escaped, with the flipper of Wheely Big Cheese only raising slowly and without power. The battle eventually ended in a judges' decision, and Chaos 2 was put through to the third round after a unanimous decision.

In the Semi-Final round of the All-Stars competition, Chaos 2 was drawn up against Tornado, making it a grudge match, prior to the Series 4 Semi-Final. Chaos 2 missed its first flipping attempt and instead flipped itself over. Tornado took advantage of this mistake and started pushing Chaos 2 around the arena. Eventually, Chaos 2 got Tornado wedged on the arena side wall and nearly got it out, however the House Robots were getting in the way and Refbot knocked Tornado off the arena side wall, where Tornado persisted in its attacks. The battle eventually ended in a judges' decision, which went in favour of Tornado, eliminating Chaos 2 from the competition.

Chaos 2 also fought Tornado in the Challenge Belt. This battle proved to be much of the same as the All-Stars Semi-Final meeting, with Tornado pushing Chaos 2 into the arena side wall. Chaos 2 then threw an incoming Shunt off it with an explosive flip, before rushing out again. Chaos 2 flipped Tornado twice in quick succession, but was rammed into the arena side wall again. Chaos 2 was then attacked by both Shunt and Dead Metal, but Chaos 2 dispatched Shunt with a flip. After escaping Dead Metal, Chaos 2 appeared to have lost mobility on one side, and despite attempting to move around in circles, was counted out by the Refbot, and thrown across the arena by the arena floor flipper, landing on its side, before bouncing back down onto its wheels. However, its working drive motor and flipper mechanism did still work afterwards, having been seen firing it and attempting to move again just before cease was called.

In the Flipper Frenzy, Chaos 2 was placed up against Thermidor 2, Bigger Brother and Wheely Big Cheese. In the battle, Chaos 2 ganged up on Sergeant Bash along with Thermidor 2 and Bigger Brother, whilst Wheely Big Cheese took on Matilda. Sergeant Bash's flamethrower was broken and the house robot itself was nearly thrown out of the arena. After trying to flip Refbot, Chaos 2 flipped itself over and was hit by Matilda's flywheel, with Thermidor 2 getting a light flip in too, this attack proceeding to make Chaos 2 fall against the arena side wall and onto its side, where Chaos 2 was unable to move. Since Bigger Brother and Wheely Big Cheese were already immobilised, and Chaos 2 itself was technically immobilised, Thermidor 2 was declared the winner of the Flipper Frenzy.

Chaos 2, as one of the four All-Star Semi-Finalists, represented the United Kingdom in the Second World Championship. This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Warriors: Season 1 and the battle featuring Chaos 2 was broadcast during German Robot Wars. Chaos 2 surprisingly didn't last long in this competition. In the first round, Chaos 2 was up against the Italian robot Mastiff, the German robot Ansgar and the American robot Manta. In the battle, Chaos 2 flipped the Italian robot Mastiff repeatedly, flipping it over and then flipping it back on a few occasions. Mastiff was still mobile but was weakening after every Chaos 2 flip. Whilst attempting to flip Mastiff into the open pit of oblivion, Chaos 2 accidentally flipped Mastiff away from the pit instead, before driving in itself, eliminating it from the World Championship. Chaos 2 was later followed by the Italian robot when Manta pushed Mastiff in, after finishing off Ansgar, meaning that Manta went through to the next round.

Chaos 2 also fought an International Mayhem battle, where it went up against the Belgian robot Philipper and the Dutch robot Alien Destructor, it was intended to be that the foreign machines would team up on Chaos 2. Only George Francis was in the control pod for this battle, Chaos 2 went into the arena already battle-scarred from previous bouts. In the battle, Chaos 2 flipped both of its opponents repeatedly. Eventually, Chaos 2 flipped Philipper in such a way that it landed on its side, where it remained until it was counted out by the Refbot. Chaos 2 continued to flip and shunt Alien Destructor, suffering a few counter-attacks itself. However, time soon ran out, and the battle went to a judges' decision. The judges voted Chaos 2 the winners of the battle.

Series 5Edit

Series 5 started fairly well for Chaos 2. It now had much larger pneumatic rams, a larger gas bottle, more powerful batteries and improved armour. It threw Storm Force around in Round 1 before Storm Force started smoking and was eventually pushed into the pit as it was descending.

Up against The Steel Avenger it threw the other robot around a lot, sustaining a couple of axe blows, before throwing it onto the corner of the arena wall where The Steel Avenger wobbled before falling out of the arena. After this bout George Francis received a broken light with a note of complaint on it from the Producers as a joke for The Steel Avenger being thrown on to it by Chaos 2.

The Heat Final up against S.M.I.D.S.Y. was much harder. Chaos 2 threw it around numerous times before ramming it into the arena wall in an attempt to the throw it out. S.M.I.D.S.Y. got wedged up against the arena wall so Chaos 2 attempt again to flip them out again. It came in at the wrong angle and flipped itself over. This damaged its front armour, meaning that Chaos 2 couldn't self-right properly and S.M.I.D.S.Y. was slowly edging its way off the arena wall. Both robots were deemed to be immobilised so the judges called for a rematch, the first in Robot Wars history. The rematch started in similar fashion to the first match. Chaos 2 eventually got S.M.I.D.S.Y. up against the wall and succeeded in getting it out of the arena this time.

The first round of the semi-final up against Wild Thing was just about the hardest bout that Chaos 2 had ever fought, and George Francis described it as his best fight to date. Chaos 2 flipped Wild Thing numerous times before Wild Thing pushed them towards the pit. Only the rear wheels went in and Chaos 2 pushed back and flipped it again. It managed to knock the pit release button off the wall. Wild Thing pushed it into the pit again, this time Chaos 2 tilted into the pit and the smoke plume activated as it had assumed that Chaos 2 had gone in, but Wild Thing's lifting arm was holding Chaos 2 up and preventing it from going in. Chaos 2 pushed back and cease was finally called. Chaos 2 was declared the winner as Wild Thing had done little apart from the pitting attempts and Chaos 2 was by far the more aggressive. Round 2 was equally difficult as the champions go up against Bigger Brother.

Bigger Brother flipped Chaos 2 where it failed to self-right on its first attempt and vented an abnormally large amount of CO2 gas. It eventually did self-right and started to flip Bigger Brother. It failed in an attempt to get them out of the arena, and was flipped over from the side by Bigger Brother. At this point Chaos 2 was running low on gas and there wasn't enough left for it to self-right properly. Eventually it completely ran out of the gas and was counted out by Refbot, before being swept into the pit by Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother became the first robot to defeat Chaos 2 in the main competition and Chaos 2's record-breaking reign as UK Champion had ended.

Series 6Edit


In Series 6

The Sixth Wars began to show signs of a struggle for Chaos 2, as it had made virtually no modifications since its début in Series 3. The robot was seeded fifth for this series, and was therefore placed in Heat C of the main competition. In the first round of the heat, Chaos 2 was placed up against Iron-Awe 2, Mighty Mouse and newcomers to the competition in Destructosaur. Chaos 2 dominated this eliminator battle, by immediately running over to and flipping over Destructosaur, flipping itself over in the process. Destructosaur was unable to self-right, effectively rendering it out of the battle. Chaos 2 then swiftly self-righted, and then followed that up by throwing Iron-Awe 2 clean out of the arena, as the latter was lingering too long near the arena side wall. Chaos 2 then spent the rest of the battle chasing Mighty Mouse around the arena, but its flipper had broken after flipping Iron-Awe out. When Chaos 2 eventually caught Mighty Mouse, it could not flip the latter so it allowed the faster machine to flee. Eventually, Destructosaur was counted out by the Refbot, and then tossed by the arena floor flipper. Cease was then called, and Chaos 2 went through to the next round of the heat, along with Mighty Mouse.

In the second round of the heat, Chaos 2 had a tougher battle, as it was placed up against a previous heat finalist in Crushtacean. In this battle, Crushtacean proved just the right size to grab hold of Chaos 2 and, whenever Chaos 2 attempted to flip it, it would flip itself away. This caused it to get stuck against the arena side wall several times, as Crushtacean was the machine with the greater shove. Due to its fairly flat sides, Chaos 2 took quite a few flips to come down from the arena side wall each time, but did manage it each time. Eventually, Chaos 2 began to get its act together, flipping Crushtacean properly a few times. However, Chaos 2 was saved and went through to the Heat Final, when Crushtacean pressed the pit release button, and then drove into the pit by accident.

The Heat Final of Heat C saw Chaos 2 get placed up against newcomers to the main competition in Dantomkia. This battle was over fairly quickly. In the battle, the two machines collided head-on, with Chaos 2 getting in underneath Dantomkia, and flipping it towards the arena side wall, however, the flip wasn't very large, and Dantomkia landed on its wheels. Chaos 2 then attempted to flip Dantomkia again, this flipper fire forced both competitors over onto their backs. Dantomkia self-righted, but Shunt and Sir Killalot came in and pushed the overturned Chaos 2 up against the arena side wall, from which the seeded machine couldn't self right properly. Dantomkia then came in and flipped Chaos 2 out of the arena when the latter had eventually stopped attempting to self-right.

Extreme 2Edit

Chaos 2 extreme 2

In Extreme 2

Chaos 2 made a last one-off appearance in the second series of Extreme, in the All-Stars Championship. The Extreme 2 All-Stars tournament was intended to be a tournament only for the robots who had made the Sixth Wars Semi Finals, however, as Wild Thing 2 was absent for unknown reasons, Chaos 2 took its place. Here, Chaos 2 fought against fellow former UK champion and old rival Razer. However, it would be the other robot in the heat, semi-finalist 13 Black, that would cause the most problems. In the battle, Chaos 2 managed to keep out of the way at first, allowing Razer and 13 Black to take on each other, and as Razer gripped onto 13 Black, Chaos 2 moved in and lifted the two of them up, and then flipped Razer again (this time right over) as the other two robots separated. 13 Black then struck Chaos 2 with its discs, causing major damage to the front bodywork. Chaos 2 continued to try and flip the other two robots, but was able to avoid most opposing attacks. Further hits of the 13 Black weapon later caused Chaos 2 to suffer a gas leak in its flipper, which cost it as it scooped Razer onto its flipper after 13 Black had caused damage to Razer itself. 13 Black then hit Chaos 2 side on, jamming its wheel, meaning it could only drive using one wheel, 13 Black then hit it again, dislodging Chaos 2's drivechain, immobilising it. Razer then came in and punctured the perspex on the back, before Refbot counted it out.To add insult to injury, Mr. Psycho then placed it on the Floor Flipper, before repeatedly hitting Chaos 2's underside with its hammer, causing damage to its chassis. Finally, Mr. Psycho picked up the fallen champion, held it above the arena and carried it around for a little while, before eventually lowering it into the pit.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Result
UK Robot Wars

Series 2

(Seeded 6th)

Heat B Gauntlet N/A Completed



Tug Of War Dead Metal Victorious



Semi-Final Wheelosaurus Won
Final Mace Lost
Informal "Contest" Test Battles Five battles Cassius 4 Wins

1 Loss

UK Robot Wars

Series 3

Heat E Eliminator Crocodilotron Won
Semi-Final Sonic Won
Final The Big Cheese Won
Semi-Final 1 Eliminator Trident Won
Semi-Final Mace 2 Won
Grand Final Eliminator Firestorm Won
Final Hypno-Disc Won
First World




Eliminator Killerhurtz

(Czech Republic)

Quarter Final Razer


Sevenoaks 1999 N/A Battle 1 Challenger Won
Battle 2 Ivanhoe 2 Won
Battle 3 Daisy Cutter Won
Semi Final Razer Lost
N/A Killerhurtz,

Corporal Punishment,



Terminal Ferocity

Robots@War 2000 N/A Battle Onslaught Won
Final Razer Won
UK Robot Wars

Series 4

(Seeded 1st)

Heat A Eliminator Atomic,


Semi-Final Medusa 2000 Won
Final Atomic Won
Semi-Final 1 Eliminator (7) Steg 2 Won
Semi-Final Tornado Won
Grand Final Eliminator (30) Stinger Won
Final (19) Pussycat Won


1 Dominator 2,




Suicidal Tendencies

Robot Rumble 2000 Debenham 2000 Morning Session - Fight 1 Skab Won
Morning Session - Fight 2 Humphrey Won
Afternoon Session - Fight 1 Velocirippa Won
Afternoon Session - Fight 2 Tornado Won
Robo Mania 2001 Brighton 2001 Round 1 Dorkus Won
Quarter-Final Comengetorix Won
Semi-Final Dominator 2 Lost
Robot Rumble 2001 Saturday Morning Session Tornado Lost
Saturday Afternoon Session Tornado Lost
Sunday Morning Session Dominator 2 Lost (Won by forefeit)
Bigger Brother Lost
Sunday Afternoon Session Tornado Lost
Robot Wars

Extreme 1

All Stars Eliminator X-Terminator Won
Quarter Final Wheely Big Cheese Won
Semi-Final Tornado Lost
Second World



United Kingdom)

Eliminator Manta

(United States)





Challenge Belt 1st Challenge Tornado Lost
Flipper Frenzy N/A Bigger Brother,

Thermidor 2,

Wheely Big Cheese



N/A Alien Destructor




UK Robot Wars

Series 5

(Seeded 1st)

Heat A Eliminator Storm Force Won
Semi-Final The Steel Avenger Won
Final (24) S.M.I.D.S.Y Won
Semi-Final 1 Eliminator (9) Wild Thing Won
Semi-Final Bigger Brother Lost
Robot Rumble 2002 Sunday Tornado Lost
UK Robot Wars

Series 6

(Seeded 5th)

Heat C Eliminator Destructosaur,

Iron-Awe 2,

Mighty Mouse

Semi-Final Crushtacean Won
Final Dantomkia Lost
Robot Wars

Extreme 2

All Stars Eliminator 13 Black,



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 41
  • Losses: 19
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