Chamuang pig

Chamuang Pig (Thai: ชะมวงหมู) was a robot from Thailand that competed in the first Seacon War of Steel. It was a black, and red, four-wheeled, box-shaped robot armed with a lifting wedge, a drum, and two vertical spinning bars. Chamuang Pig performed decently in competition, winning its first battle, butl osing its second match to R.E Raptor in Round 2.

It's name was likely based on the Central Thai dish, Roasted pork curry leaves Chamuang (Thai: แกงคั่วหมูใบชะมวง).

Robot HistoryEdit

Seacon War of Steel 1Edit

Chamuang Pig's first opponent was Way man. It won this match, and advanced to round 2 where it faced R.E Raptor. This fight started with Chamuang Pig aggresively charging R.E Raptor, shoving it with its wedge. Chamuang Pig then attempted to lift R.E Raptor, however as it was doing so R.E Raptor spun up. This broke the lifter on Chamuang Pig, and locked it in the upright position.

Chamuang Pig then spun its spinning bars in an attempt to knock its now useless lifter free, but to no avail. R.E Raptor then came in, and delivered a blow that knocked the stuck weapon of Chamuang Pig even further upwards. It followed this up by delivering a series of blows that ripped a chain from Chamuang Pig, and after even more blows Chamuang Pig stopped moving completely, and was counted out, and eliminated from the competition.


Series Group/Line Round Opponent(s) Results
Seacon War of Steel 1 Group C, Line 1 1 Way man Won
2 R.E Raptor Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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