Byte-Sized Dragon as it appeared during Kilobots 42

Byte-Sized Dragon is a US Antweight class robot built by Raven Tech that competes at Kilobots events. A FingerTech Robotics "Viper" kit, it is mostly stock, but was modified to have a higher-voltage battery at its first event, and given wheelguards at its second event.

Robot HistoryEdit

Kilobots XLIEdit

For this event, the Antweight Rookie tournament was a round robin event, seeding a knockout tournament.

In the end, Byte-Sized Dragon won two of its six round robin fights, earning it the #5 seed. However, due to a seeding error, it was mistakenly given the #4 seed.

In the knockout rounds, Byte-Sized Dragon's first opponent was the (incorrect) #5 seed, Nuzzle N' Tickle. As the fight began Byte-Sized Dragon charged and caught Tickle near the open pushout, but Nuzzle was able to push the two of them away. Nuzzle meandered as Tickle and Byte-Sized Dragon battled near the blue hazard, with Tickle proving to have the better wedge. Nuzzle drove into the blue pushout on its own, leaving Tickle to fight Byte-Sized Dragon alone once again. Byte-Sized Dragon attacked, going over Tickle's wedge, but still able to push it, it slammed Tickle into the wall near the pushout, but flipped itself over in the process. Tickle continued to attack, but even upside down and without the wedge advantage, Byte-Sized Dragon proved more powerful than Tickle as it managed to slam Tickle into the wall twice more. After releasing Tickle from the pin, Tickle pushed Byte-Sized Dragon into the red hazard, which knocked its front armor off, exposing its internals. Now with no effective wedge, Byte-Sized Dragon continued to attack and righted itself after slamming Tickle into the opposite wall. Using its dangling armor as an arm, Byte-Sized Dragon tried to corral Tickle but wound up hitting the blue hazard as Tickle took Byte-Sized Dragon into the wall. Byte-Sized Dragon continued to attack, first clipping the red hazard before using its open electronics bay to get under Tickle and slam it into the wall, pinning it. Tickle backed away but Byte-Sized Dragon slammed it again into the wall, before pushing it away towards the pushout. Tickle freed itself and backed away, as Byte-Sized Dragon spun and caught Tickle with its dangling wedge, which caused it to throw itself into the open pushout, whereupon it was dangling precariously. Seeing an opportunity, Tickle moved in, trying to push Byte-Sized Dragon over the edge. It was unable to, but in its efforts to free itself from a count-out, Byte-Sized Dragon dropped fully in, eliminating Byte-Sized Dragon from the tournament.

Kilobots XLIIEdit

Byte-Sized Dragon returned for this event.


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Kilobots 41 Antweight Rookies Globemaster Lost
Scrap v1.0 Won
Hawk Lost
Roquefort Lost
Nuzzle N' Tickle Won
Thunderbird Lost
Nuzzle N' Tickle Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5
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