Bugs was a small rounded robot with a front wedge that competed in Series 1 of Robot Wars for a GCSE school project. It consisted of a plywood base with an old vacuum cleaner top as armour, and were one of the teams with underrated speed controllers, which caused problems as both of their cheap relay ones overheated and had to be replaced with Futaba ones at various stages in the competition. Bugs' team also cut down their machine's aluminium wedge during the heat due to it getting in the way.

Bugs was a Featherweight Robot, but due to Series 1 not having any weight rules it was able to compete in the Main Competition. It got to the Arena stage where it lost to eventual Grand Finalists Cunning Plan after experiencing control problems for much of the heat.

Robot History Edit

Bugs had a close shave in the Gauntlet, coming second last after a slow run. It first took a while to decide on a route. It eventually chose the one guarded by the House Robots, and after colliding with Matilda, it gained some control problems and moved no further, having achieved 11.45m. This was enough to put it through, as Vector of Armageddon didn't get as far. In the Trial, Stock Car Racing, Bugs got off sluggishly, avoiding the mass pileup on the first corner. However, it was the slowest of the robots, and would have gone out if the faster Krayzee Tokyo hadn't broken down and failed to complete a lap. Bugs, with its 1 lap, was through. In the Arena round, it faced Cunning Plan. However, Bugs had changed their castor before the fight and that led to some control problems. In the fight, the robot was only able to drive onto a grille, where it was attacked by Dead Metal and immobilised. Bugs did not return for future featherweight fights.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 1 Heat D Gauntlet N/A 11.45m



Stock Car Cunning Plan



Krayzee Tokyo

1 lap



Semi Final Cunning Plan Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
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