Brutus is an invertible heavyweight robot from Belgium, made by Team VHS-Robots, former unofficial Belgian champions with Pika. The robot was armed with a wedge that worked both ways up, was armoured in Hardox and cost £1,500 to build.

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Robot Wars Live EventsEdit


Brutus has fought at a small handful of Robot Wars live events, though does not appear as frequently as other robots, due to the team being situated in Belgium. Despite this, Brutus appeared at the Robot Wars World Championship 2015 at Colchester. In the first round, Brutus fought Ka-Pow! and Beast. Brutus survived until the end of the match, where it qualified for Round 2 alongside Beast on a Judges' decision. However, Brutus was quickly thrown out of the arena by eventual champion Toxic 2 in the second round. Brutus also fought in a separate Annihilator competition at the event where it reached the second round losing after breaking down 13 seconds into the battle, despite being the last robot left standing in the first round.


Brutus entered the Bronebots 2016 competition in Moscow, together with Beast, Ripper, Dozer, Stinger, Bullfrog and Kan-Opener H-spec.

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  • Wins: 2 (?)
  • Losses: 2 (?)
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