Broadsword was a round invertible middleweight robot that competed in the Extreme 2 Robot Rampage Middleweight Championship. It was uniquely armed with a very long medieval sword blade.

The team planned to enter the Series 7 Middleweight Championship with a robot called Voodoo Child. It was described as looking flimsier than Broadsword and rife with exposed wires. It did not make it into the arena, likely due to the reliability issues caused by its design.

Robot History Edit

Broadsword began by attacking the back of Steel Sandwich ineffectively. Then it turned its attention to Typhoon, but again had no effect. While Malc 1.5 grappled with the House Robots and the other competitors grappled with each other, Broadsword appeared to have broken down, and Dead Metal took it into its CPZ, where both it and Shunt attacked Broadsword, bending the sword up 90 degrees. Shunt then flipped Broadsword onto the angle grinder and ripped off the top armour panel. Just after cease was called, Dead Metal pulled out all of Broadsword's components.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Robot Wars

Extreme 2



Eliminator Malc 1.5

Steel Sandwich



Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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