Bottweiler was a super heavyweight robot equipped with a scoop (originally a disc) that competed in the Super Showdown event that took place at the end of the second series of Robot Wars. Its only match was in the first round of the competition against Soc'em and Demon Duck, which it lost when Demon Duck shoved it into the PPZ. This battle was not televised in full, but only a few seconds were shown on television when Jonathan Pearce was running through the line-up for the final of the Super Showdown. The disc weapon broke before Bottweiler's battle so the team were given a pushing shovel by the production crew as a weapon to fight with.

The Southampton Masters Engineering Group attempted to enter the robot (spelt Botweiler) for Series 3, removing the top tower in order to make the robot invertible and lose weight to fit the Heavyweight category, as well as to add a new weapon, in the form of a cutting disc on a moveable arm. However, for currently unknown reasons, it failed to do so.

Southampton University also failed to qualify for Series 3 with RC Bandit.

Robot History Edit

In the qualifier for the Super Showdown, Bottweiler was drawn up against Soc'em and Demon Duck. Bottweiler was immediately able to bulldoze Soc'em into the PPZ, from which they couldn't escape, rendering them immobilised. Bottweiler then took on Demon Duck, as the two then collided. Demon Duck, after a fairly long tussle managed to shove Bottweiler into the PPZ but at the expense of its scoop after it got caught on the arena side wall, this was enough to cease Bottweiler as they then immediately broke down whilst in the PPZ. Bottweiler was placed alongside the carcass of Soc'em. However, Demon Duck was then attacked by Sir Killalot, despite being the aggressor of the battle. While Demon Duck was slowly being dismantled, Bottweiler started smoking as it was axed and sliced by Shunt and Dead Metal in the PPZ, and it was slowly dragged around the arena, this however was doing little damage to Bottweiler's shell. Despite suffering a great quantity of harsh and unfair damage thanks to Sir Killalot, Demon Duck was surprisingly still mobile unlike its two opponents, so Bottweiler was eliminated from the Super Heavyweight Championship.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 2

Super Heavyweight


Eliminator Soc'em,

Demon Duck


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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