Bots FC
Bots FC
 AKA Team Atomic Carp is a team from Brooklyn, New York City, New York (Originally Hillard, Ohio) that has been competing since 2004 in two seperate iterations. The team is perhaps most notable for their robot Mega Melvin which holds the distinct honor of being the second most powerful hammer in the history of Robot Combat (behind only The Judge) as well as being the most powerful Heavyweight hammer.

Team MembersEdit

The team first consisted of Adam Wrigley, and Matthew Borres, with Eric Wrigley joining when the team was rebooted as Bots FC in 2016.


Robot Weight Class Competition(s) Years Active Wins/Losses
Aftershock Middleweight

Southern Assault

Triangle Series Nationals

Rocket City Robot Assault

2002-2004 8/3?
Wedgie Of Doom Featherweight Rocket City Robot Assault 2004 1/2
Bliss Middleweight

Robotic Revolution - New Orleans

RoboGames 2008

2005-2008 2/4
Xenogenesis Lightweight RoboGames 2008 2008 1/2
Melvin Featherweight

NERC Franklin Institute 2016

Motorama 2017

2016-Present 3/4
Mega Melvin Heavyweight

Orlando Maker Faire Robot Battles 2016

RoboGames 2017

2016-Present 0/2?
Son Of Hibachi Featherweight Motorama 2017 2017-Present 0/2
Driving Practice Mantisweight Pennsylvania Bot Blast 2017 2017-Present 4/1
Blues Heavyweight King of Bots 2017-Present 1/0?
  • Wins: 20?
  • Losses: 18?


  • Mega Melvin
  • Blues
  • Son Of Hibachi
  • Melvin
  • Driving Practice
  • Aftershock
  • Team Logo
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