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Bot-6:00 was a Featherweight robot built by Team Cerebral Machines that competed in RoboGames 2005, and 2006. It was a clear, invertible, six wheeled robot armed with a steep segemented wedge on the front, and back. It performed decently, winning the Bronze Medal in 2006. Bot-6:00 also attempted to enter ROBOLympics 2004 as 6:00 however it did not wind up competing.

Robot History Edit

RoboGames 2005Edit

After receiving a bye in the first round Bot-6:00's first opponent was Intrusive Interloper 1.5. It lost this match, and was sent to the loser's bracket where it faced Rover. It won this match, and advanced to the next round where it faced Knuckle Buster. It lost this match, and was eliminated from the competition.

RoboGames 2006Edit

After receiving a bye in the first round, Bot-6:00's first opponent was Proteus. It won this match, and advanced to the quarterfinals where it faced Gnome Portal. It won this match, and still in the quarterfinals faced Killabyte next. This match started with Killabyte spinning up to speed, Bot-6:00 box rushed it, but got sent spinning away by Killabyte for its troubles. Bot-6:00 then slammed into Killabyte sending it flying into the rails, however Killabyte recovered, and Bot-6:00 repeated the attack. Like last time Killabyte was sent flying into the rails, unlike last time however the attack did serious damage to Bot-6:00, which tapped out.

This loss put Bot-6:00 in the loser's bracket final where it faced Gnome Portal again. It lost, and was eliminated from the competition, and took home the Bronze Medal. RoboGames 2006 would prove to be Bot-6:00's last event, as it was retired afterwards.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4
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