Bolt from the Blue was a robot that competed in Series 4 of Robot Wars. It reached the second round of its heat, losing to Firestorm 2 on a judges' decision after an uneventful battle which saw neither robot inflict any effective attacks on each other. Team captain James Proctor was understood to be displeased with this decision after the battle.

Bolt from the Blue did not return for any other series of Robot Wars following its defeat.

Robot History Edit

In its first round battle of the Fourth Wars, newcomers Bolt from the Blue was placed up against Ming 2 and the number 21 seeds Diotoir. In the battle, Ming 2 immediately got in underneath Diotoir and flipped it straight away, before Bolt from the Blue pushed Diotoir over the flame pit, the seeded machine was unable to self-right due to its flipping arm being disabled even before the battle. Ming 2 then tried to push Bolt from the Blue onto the flame pit as well while Diotoir caught fire, but Ming 2 could only steer the newcomers into the arena side wall, at a very low speed. Cease was soon called and Bolt from the Blue was put through to the next round of the heat along with Ming 2.

In the second round, Bolt from the Blue had an unfortunate draw as it was placed up against the number 5 seeds Firestorm 2, in arguably one of the most boring battles in Robot Wars history. In this battle, the two competitors spent much of the battle pushing each other around, each being unable to flip the other due to their near-identical designs. The quicker Firestorm 2 machine rammed Bolt from the Blue several times, doing nothing in terms of damage or pushing Bolt from the Blue around at all. Bolt from the Blue eventually lifted up Firestorm 2 when the previous Grand Finalists beached themselves on its wedge, but Firestorm 2 then landed back on its wheels. This used up Bolt from The Blue's fourth and penultimate flip of the fight. The pit of oblivion then opened while Firestorm 2 drove right over Bolt from the Blue's wedge. The battle eventually ended in a judges' decision. The decision went against Bolt from the Blue due to its lack of aggression in the battle.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars Series 4 Heat C Eliminator (21) Diotoir

Ming 2

Semi-Final (5) Firestorm 2 Lost

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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