For the Bots FC heavyweight that competed on King of Bots, see Blue (US).


Blue was a robot that competed in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars. Largely considered a joke entry, Blue still caused one of the most unexpected upsets in Dutch Robot Wars when it knocked out Project One, the robot that many people thought would go all the way.

Because the robot was a joke entry that was painted entirely blue, the team provided levity by dressing up like blue-skinned aliens who could not speak. In interviews, the team members, all three of which were referred to as 'Blue', communicated only by handing notes to pit reporter Bridget Maasland, or through a Dutch-speaking crew member named Django, who acted as their mouthpiece.

Team captain Chris Coates was originally from England, but entered Dutch Robot Wars as he was living and working in the Netherlands.

Blue did not appear in the second series, but the captain, Chris Coates, worked with Frank Van Dorschot of Maximill to create a new robot called Bluemax.

Robot History Edit

Blue's first match was against Project One. Both robots were sluggish and hard to control, but eventually they met, and Project One tore some chunks off of Blue with its axe/lifter combination. Project One then got under Blue, and in the process of lifting it, tore one of Blue's side panels off. Blue then caught on fire, but was still mobile. Project One however, had broken down.

Blue advanced to the Heat Semi-final, where it met Enderbot. Enderbot used its axe to knock off Blue's top panel, leaving its electronics exposed. Enderbot continued to smash Blue with its axe, and Blue lost an entire side panel again. Shunt came in and hammered the panel with its axe, but the panel became stuck onto its axe and couldn't be shaken off. Blue meanwhile had shed its entire outer shell, and was being counted out by Refbot. After it was officially deemed immobile, Shunt, still bearing the chunk of Blue's armour (not dissimmilar to an attack on Banshee in Series 4 of the British wars), pushed Blue into the pit.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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