BiggerBrother Series 6

Bigger Brother was a heavyweight robot from Brighton which entered Series 4 to 7 of Robot Wars, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme. It became runners-up in Series 5 to Razer after defeating Chaos 2 and Hypno-Disc along the way, and reached the Semi-Finals in Series 6 where it lost to Dominator 2 and Terrorhurtz despite winning the Losers Melee. Bigger Brother also lost in the second round of both Series 4 and Series 7, but won the Extreme 2 Minor Meltdown with young Joe and Ellie Watts at the controls.

Bigger Brother was represented by Joe and Ellie as well as their father Ian, with the former two being well-liked by the roboteering community and Robot Wars presenters. "Little Joe" was considered one of the greatest roboteers for his young age, managing to flip three robots out of the arena and also driving Bigger Brother (with Ellie taking over his role as weapons control) to a decisive victory in the Minor Meltdown. Bigger Brother was the successor to Big Brother, which reached the Semi-Finals of Series 3.

Four of Bigger Brother's battles have gone down in the top 30 quickest battles of UK Robot Wars, with its battle against Splinter only just missing out. However, it saw less success in Nickelodeon Robot Wars, placing third after it lost to Ming 3 and Rick in the Tag Team Terror.

Bigger Brother is notably the most successful robot to have never won a judges' decision in UK Robot Wars. The only time the machine was ever awarded victory in a match that went to the judges was the playoff for the Tag Team Terror in Nickelodeon Robot Wars.

Bigger fought in Season 2.0 of Battlebots and won the International Championship at the first Dutch Robot Games.

Robot History Edit

BattleBots Season 2.0Edit

BBrother lv00

Bigger Brother went up against bout favorite Mauler in its first bout. Mauler managed to hit Bigger Brother knocking it away, but this created a problem for Mauler, as one of its flails came off, knocking it off-balance and eventually causing Mauler to spin like a top and fall onto its back, unable to self-right. Bigger Brother took the advantage of Mauler being unable to self-right and pushed it under the pulverizer, causing smoke to spew from its underbelly. Mauler was then counted out.

In it's next fight Bigger Brother fought Voltronic. In this fight Voltronic controlled the match from the beginning, using the killsaws and pulverizers to its advantage. With seconds remaining Voltronic flipped Bigger Brother against the wall. Bigger Brother lost a 43-2 judge's decision.

Bigger Brother returned for the consolation rumble where it did decently, overturning Mauler again, but it was quiet for most of the match before it was slammed against the arena Lexan by Punjar. It survived, but it lost out on a spot in the grand rumble to OverKill and Punjar.

Series 4Edit


Having reached the Semi-Finals the previous year with Big Brother, Bigger Brother was granted the 14th seed for Series 4. In its first round melee, it was drawn against newcomers Hammer & Tong and the walkerbot Clawed Hopper. Bigger Brother moved on the offensive, flipping Clawed Hopper onto its side, but not quite enough to flip it over. Clawed Hopper's walking movements were enough to cause the walker to land the right way up. Bigger Brother withdrew and Hammer & Tong attacked Clawed Hopper. As they battled, Bigger Brother rejoined the fight, flipping Hammer & Tong up several times. Bigger Brother's flipper had insufficient strength and degree of opening to get the wide bodied Hammer & Tong over on its back, so it moved back and attempted to flip Clawed Hopper again, with Clawed Hopper's weight and movement thwarting the attempt once more. Clawed Hopper continued its ponderous advance on Hammer & Tong, but Bigger Brother moved in, getting significantly more flipper beneath the walker, and managed to flip it on its back. Bigger Brother then turned on Hammer & Tong, flipped it up, and wedged its spikes in the wheels. Bigger Brother could not release Hammer & Tong, despite trying, so it pushed it around the Arena. Whilst Bigger Brother flailed against Hammer & Tong, Dead Metal and Bash closed in on Clawed Hopper putting it on the flame pit, then the Floor Flipper, but only flew a small distance due to its enormous weight. Cease was called, and Bigger Brother went through with Hammer & Tong.

This put it through to meet up with Bulldog Breed 2. The two robots moved off the start zones slowly, and Bigger Brother attacked Bulldog Breed side-on. It used its flipper, but the flipper did not get beneath enough of its opponent to work. To make matters worse, Bigger Brother vented a large amount of gas immediately afterwards. Bigger Brother tried to flip once again, venting even more gas, and Bulldog Breed responded with its own. Three small flips missed, but Bulldog Breed managed to hook its flipper underneath and flick Bigger Brother over and onto its back. Gas continued to vent from Bigger Brother, leaving not enough pressure for Bigger Brother to right itself. Eventually, Bash and Killalot closed in and plucked Bigger Brother from the floor. It hurled Bigger Brother across the Arena, and Sergeant Bash pulled it over to the pit. However, there seemed to be some discrepancy between Bash and Killalot on pushing Bigger Brother down the pit, and Killalot pulled Bigger Brother out of Bash's jaws, leaving the Sergeant stranded on the pit. Killalot dropped Bigger Brother beside the pit, and Shunt finally solved the problem by pitting it.

After the battle, it was found that the high pressure into the gas ram had snapped off, leaving the flipper unable to work.

Bigger Brother later competed in the Tag Team Terror, paired up with Plunderbird 4. In the first round, it was drawn against Firestorm 2 and Scorpion. Scorpion started out against Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother got straight underneath Scorpion's high ground clearance and flipped it over. Firestorm 2 flipped it back over. Bigger Brother tagged with Plunderbird, who dragged Scorpion around the arena. Firestorm tried to separate the two, by which point the rules were completely abandoned and even the House Robots got into the fight. Firestorm pushed Plunderbird all the way across the Arena into the red zone, where Bigger Brother and Matilda tried to free it. Firestorm retaliated by slamming Bigger Brother into the arena wall, but was not able to flip it over. Scorpion then attacked Plunderbird, which seemed to cause it to break down. Bigger Brother pushed Firestorm into the CPZ, where Matilda flipped it onto its side. Firestorm was able to self-right, but during this period, Bigger Brother flipped Scorpion over and pushed it into Sergeant Bash, who set the fibreglass body ablaze. Bigger Brother spent the last few seconds of the match preventing Firestorm from rescuing its fallen team-mate. The judges were called to make a decision.

Losing the judges decision, and with the Plunderbird team unable to get their robot going again, Bigger Brother had to fight the play-off between X-Terminator 2 and Invertabrat alone, however, Inverterbrat was also having problems in the pits before the battle. This left the other two robots to start the playoff. X-Terminator had switched its axe for its lifting arm and used it to overturn Bigger Brother, but Bigger Brother quickly self-righted and flipped up X-Terminator. It pushed X-Terminator into Plunderbird 4, but it quickly became apparent that its team-mate wasn't working at all. Instead, it left X-Terminator on its side, but X-Terminator quickly self-righted using its side spikes. It then tagged Inverterbrat. It attempted to attack Bigger Brother, but neither of its weapons were working properly, and it was flipped up, but not over, several times by its opponent. Eventually, Bigger Brother pushed Inverterbrat back into the red zone, whereby X-Terminator rushed out to take on Bigger Brother again. Bigger Brother flipped X-Terminator over again, breaking off one of its support bars in the process, but X-Terminator was able to right itself again, before lifting up Bigger Brother, the arm getting caught underneath its chassis. Eventually, it let go. Bigger Brother flipped X-Terminator over once again, but X-Terminator righted and hooked Bigger Brother again. Just then, the pit started to descend. Plunderbird 4 had now been pushed into the middle of the arena, but it was clearly immobile. X-Terminator and Bigger Brother tried once again to attack each other, when suddenly X-Terminator drove away to build up another attack, and just before cease was called, straight into the pit of oblivion: the team had failed to noticed that it had opened. It became apparent that Inverterbrat was no longer mobile, and Bigger Brother was the only robot still working.

Bigger Brother also competed in the Pinball and Sumo special events, placing equal 5th in Pinball with a score of 180. It would have finished overall joint top with Gemini had it not missed the 75 point target. However, it was less successful in the Sumo, being knocked off the sumo ring after 6.43 seconds, placing it 12th out of 16.

Extreme 1Edit

Bigger brother official image series 5

Bigger Brother participated in three battles in different competitions in Extreme 1.

It entered the Tag Team Terror alongside Plunderbird again, and the pair went in as one of the favourites due to finishing third last time. However, upon activation, Plunderbird 5 got stuck in forward drive and damaged the Arena entry door. The battle had to be postponed for a whole day whilst the door was fixed, and Plunderbird had also taken damage and was unable to participate. Major Tom took part in Plunderbird's place. The two machines faced Spawn Again and Comengetorix. Bigger Brother started the match against Comengetorix. Comengetorix attacked with its axe, but caused no damage. Bigger Brother lifted its opponent, only for Comengetorix to hoisted them in the air. Major Tom was tagged and flipped, but Bigger Brother self-righted its partner. Bigger Brother then pursued both Comengetorix and Spawn Again, pushing them into their CPZ. Spawn Again's flipper had not closed since flipping Major Tom, so it could do no more than ram Bigger Brother as it tried to flip Comengetorix, but its own flipper did not appear to be working. Whilst this was happening, Major Tom had broken down next to the left-hand arena wall. As Refbot counted it out and the House Robots attacked it, Bigger Brother continued to push Comengetorix around the arena, whilst Spawn Again, flipper still locked open, had broken down by the opposite arena wall. Bigger Brother was still pushing Comengetorix, but both robots did not appear to be moving freely. The House Robots continued to attack Major Tom, eventually pitting it. The fight was stopped at this point: it was revealed afterwards that there was a radio interference which was preventing the robots from moving properly. Because Major Tom was the first to be immobilised, the win was somewhat controversially given to Comengetorix & Spawn Again. However, after this, Ian Gear of the Comengetorix team made a rude remark about the team.

Team Big Brother quickly demanded a grudge match, which Team Vercingetorix accepted. The Vengeance battle would take place nine episodes later.

Bigger Brother met Comengetorix in a Vengeance battle following these events, but it was in reality a ploy to attack the House Robots. This grudge match was held as a filler battle for the second Annihilator special, after Panic Attack had suffered severe damage which the team had trouble fixing. The battle began with the two robots dodging around each other. Comengetorix missed an axe blow, and Bigger Brother quickly capitalised, ramming Comengetorix, then flipping it over. Comengetorix showed no sign of righting itself, and Bigger Brother pushed it towards the CPZ. Sergeant Bash rushed out to attack Comengetorix, who finally self-righted. Bigger Brother had seemingly forgotten about its opponent and turned its attention onto Bash, flipping him up against the Arena wall. Sir Killalot quickly retaliated and tried to attack Bigger Brother. The former Semi-finalist tried to flip the House Robot and succeeded in lifting him up slightly, but no further. The attempts at flipping Killalot had bent Bigger Brother's flipper, and it tried to escape, when suddenly Comengetorix came to its aid, using its axe on the House Robot. Eventually, Sir Killalot managed to trap both robots in his CPZ. After a while, Bigger Brother drove away and began spinning in the middle of the arena, firing its flipper in apparent celebration. Comengetorix was much more sluggish in response, but managed to finally escape Sir Killalot's CPZ. Eventually, the two met head on, but Bigger Brother's flipper was so badly bent it was unable to flip Comengetorix, who hit it with its axe, but caused no damage. Realising flipping it was not an option, Bigger Brother hit the pit release, before chasing after Comengetorix, nearly pushing it onto the flame pit. Taking advantage of Comengetorix's sluggishness, Bigger Brother pushed it towards the pit, shrugging off axe blows. Right at the last moment, Comengetorix tried to flip Bigger Brother away, but doing so caused it to over-balance towards the pit, which Bigger Brother quickly took advantage of by nudging it in. However, moments later, Sir Killalot grabbed hold of Bigger Brother and in retaliation for its attacks, dropped it in the pit moments later. Regardless, Bigger Brother had won the Vengeance battle.

Bigger Brother also participated in the Flipper Frenzy, providing another chance to attack the House Robots. It teamed up with Thermidor 2 and Chaos 2 on Sergeant Bash, and after initial flips from Thermidor and Chaos 2, Bigger Brother was the robot to first overturn House Robot. The competitors couldn't flip Sgt Bash out of the Arena, despite several attempts from all three, while Wheely Big Cheese was elsewhere in the arena. During one of these attempts, however, Bigger Brother suddenly broke down, the only time it suffered a random breakdown in Robot Wars, eliminating it from the battle, which would eventually be won by Thermidor 2.

Bigger Brother was also due to compete in the Mayhem competition, to qualify for one of the two Annihilators, but it withdrew for unknown reasons.

Series 5 Edit

Returning unseeded, Bigger Brother had an explosive start to Series 5 against newcomers Tip-Top. Tip-Top's unique method of locomotion proved too unresponsive to avoid Bigger Brother, allowing them to flip them over, ram them to the Arena side wall and flip them up on the wall, before flipping them out of the Arena. The battle took just 24 seconds in all.

In the second round of the Heat, Bigger Brother was drawn against the 17th seeds Splinter, Semi-Finalists in the previous series. Splinter drove around Bigger Brother in an attempt to avoid its flipper, but was soon lifted by Bigger Brother without it toppling over. It was then tossed over by Bigger Brother before rolling down onto its wheels. Bigger Brother then threw Splinter onto its back again, pushed it to the Arena wall, then flipped the 17th seeds robot out of the arena, with the fight lasting a mere 34 seconds.

In the Heat Final, Bigger Brother was up against the 8th seeds 3 Stegs to Heaven. Despite their opponent being seeded highly, and Bigger Brother not being seeded at all, Bigger Brother went in as the favourite because it had been much more impressive than 3 Stegs to Heaven on the way to the Heat Final. Bigger Brother tried to flip 3 Stegs To Heaven almost right from the start, but missed. 3 Stegs To Heaven reversed straight onto the flame pit and got its castor wheel stuck. After a few seconds, it escaped and was flipped by Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother flipped 3 Stegs To Heaven onto its side then the Arena side wall and tried to throw it out of the Arena. Bigger Brother failed, putting 3 Stegs To Heaven back in the battle. Bigger Brother backed the seeded robot into the CPZ, before flipping Shunt over. Sir Killalot grabbed 3 Stegs To Heaven and picked it up. After letting go, Bigger Brother lifted 3 Stegs To Heaven onto the side wall again. Refbot freed it though and Bigger Brother started to attack Sir Killalot. Bigger Brother tried to flip Sir Killalot from the side and rear. Bigger Brother turned 3 Stegs over once more before lifting it onto the side wall, where Refbot finally counted it out. Sir Killalot activated the pit and as Bigger Brother was pushing 3 Stegs To Heaven into the pit, Sir Killalot pushed the pair in and drove in himself. Sir Killalot was able to reverse out, and Bigger Brother was the heat winner.

In the first round of the Semi-Finals, Bigger Brother fought S3, the new robot from the 1 Law Associates. Bigger Brother drove straight at the body of S3, getting its body underneath the part that separated the blade from the Arena floor. It began to push it aside, but S3's disc came into contact, and Bigger Brother was thrown away from it. S3 was unable to gain purchase before Bigger Brother recovered and slammed into it, almost flicking it out of the Arena. The attempt beached S3 on the Arena wall, activated the pit, and almost made an investigating Dead Metal descend into oblivion. S3 was flipped free, its disc tearing the pit release button away from the wall. Bigger Brother flipped S3 over, and pushed it into the pit. Bigger Brother nearly fell down the pit as well, with one wheel in the pit, but they managed to escape.

In the second round, Bigger Brother was drawn up against reigning champions Chaos 2, who was unbeaten in the main competition after winning two series in a row. Bigger Brother had the first flip, tossing Chaos 2 onto its back. As Chaos 2 self-righted, Bigger Brother impeded the path of its motion, and Chaos 2 fell back on its back. It successfully self-righted the second time, and ran for Bigger Brother, only to be flipped up on its side. Chaos 2 fell back on its wheels and flipped Bigger Brother over, and when it landed on its wheels, flipped it again. The third flip finally succeeded in getting Bigger Brother on its back, but it self-righted very quickly. Chaos 2 pushed Bigger Brother against the side wall and flipped it, but once more, Bigger Brother self-righted. It escaped Chaos 2's flip, and drove over towards the flames. As Chaos 2 followed it, Bigger Brother manoeuvred to the side, got beneath Chaos 2, and flipped it onto its back. Now, however, Chaos 2's CO2 supply had run low, and it was unable to flip itself back onto its wheels, despite attempting to do so. Finally, Chaos 2 gave up, allowing Refbot to count it out. Bigger Brother reversed Chaos 2 towards the pit, and pushed it in.

In the first round of the Grand Final, Bigger Brother was drawn against 3rd seeds and twice Grand Finalists Hypno-Disc. Bigger Brother and Hypno-Disc darted past each other, and sat still. Bigger Brother turned its heavily armoured rear towards Hypno-Disc and tentatively attacked. The rear of Bigger Brother managed to hold up very well against the flywheel, and Bigger Brother attacked again in the same way, attempting to stop the disc for long enough to use its flipper. The second attempt stalled Hypno-Disc long enough for Bigger Brother to fire its flipper, but Hypno-Disc was not flipped. Bouncing back onto its wheels, Hypno-Disc's weapon began to inflict serious damage on Bigger Brother, tearing an armour panel off and gouging into the front. Bigger Brother attempted to attack with the armoured rear once more, but this time, Hypno-Disc's weapon was able to gouge into the armour. Hypno-Disc managed to open the gouge on the rear by striking it twice more. Bigger Brother continued to keep its back to Hypno-Disc, but the deadly flywheel was wearing through the armour. Bigger Brother attempted a flip, but it was unsuccessful. Bigger Brother attacked once more, and in its attempts to flip, the flipper broke into pieces. Bigger Brother pushed Hypno-Disc, and the savaged armour on Bigger Brother's left flank broke away from the body. The two drove into the CPZ, and Shunt seized and axed Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother attempted to escape the CPZ, but took severe damage in the process. Bigger Brother slammed into the far wall, then pushed Hypno-Disc into the pit release as it attempted to block it. Nudging its opponent, Bigger Brother pitted Hypno-Disc and won the battle, against all the odds. After this fight, every team except for Bigger Brother's next opponent Razer, including those that Bigger Brother had beaten, helped to fix it for the Grand Final.

In the Final battle, Bigger Brother was against reigning world champions and 4th seeds Razer to become the UK champion. Razer started quickly and, although Bigger Brother avoided it for a while, it eventually grabbed hold of it and pierced through the outer shell. Bigger Brother fired its flipper, but this did nothing to deter Razer's beak. However, Bigger Brother's wedge was difficult for Razer to reach, and Razer could only pierce small holes in Bigger Brother's base. However, Razer soon caught a larger area of Bigger Brother and pierced in, lifting Bigger Brother from the ground. Bigger Brother's weight and the recoil from its flipper firing, however, were enough to shake it off Razer's claw. The two robots spun in circles, trying to get their weapon to reach the other. Bigger Brother's base was resting on Razer's wheel from when it had fallen off the beak, and the robots were pinned together. Bigger Brother finally shook them apart by firing its flipper. Bigger Brother drove back, and turned around, but the frontal assault only allowed Razer to pierce into the heart of Bigger Brother. It escaped and activated the pit, but Razer quickly caught it and pierced into the robot. Razer dragged Bigger Brother around, but intervention from Bash caused Razer to release its opponent. Bigger Brother was showing significant signs of impaired movement, but time ran out and the battle went to the judges. The outcome was clear, and Razer was announced as the UK Champion.

At the end of the series, Bigger Brother was nominated for the Best Design Award, but lost out to previous two time winner Razer.

Series 6Edit

Bigger brother

Bigger Brother was seeded 2nd for Series 6, this time with much stronger armour, and a more compact body. In the first round, Bigger Brother was placed against newcomers Killer Carrot 2 and Riptilion, along with their former Tag Team partners Major Tom. At the start of the battle, Killer Carrot 2 attacked Major Tom, whilst Bigger Brother went after Riptilion, tossing it up into the air and then pushing it towards Mr. Psycho. It flipped it again to keep it in the CPZ, but Riptilion managed to dodge the hammer, but was struck dead on when it was unable to escape. Bigger Brother then turned its attentions on its other opponents, and tossed Killer Carrot onto its back, before gathering up Major Tom and hurling over, but Major Tom was able to roll back onto its wheels. Bigger Brother activated the pit release and flipper Major Tom into the side wall, where it was attacked by Sir Killalot and Mr. Psycho, breaking apart the roll cage and then slamming the huge hammer onto its exposed body. Bigger Brother turned to Killer Carrot 2 again, and flipped it up against the side wall angle grinder, just as the Disc of Doom activated. Meanwhile, Riptilion, who had been doing nothing but spin in circles on the Disc of Doom, drove itself into the pit. Bigger Brother and Killer Carrot 2 battled on, but it was clear that Major Tom would be eliminated and Refbot moved in to initiate the countdown. Major Tom was able to drive in circles, but lacked sufficient mobility to escape the countdown. Bigger Brother wrestled Killer Carrot 2 onto the Disc of Doom, where it spun away, and the battle ended with a deluge of balls that crashed down onto Major Tom.

It was drawn up against Behemoth in Round 2. Behemoth and Bigger Brother circled each other at the start, and both used their weapons. Although neither succeeded in flipping, Bigger Brother turned its back on Behemoth, allowing Behemoth to move in behind and overturn it in Shunt's CPZ. Bigger Brother self-righted, but landed on its front, having its righting path blocked by Shunt. Behemoth and Shunt pushed Bigger Brother, and this gave Bigger Brother the arc it needed to get back onto its wheels. Both machines shot back into the middle of the arena and continued to fight, with Behemoth flipping Bigger Brother onto its back again, but Bigger Brother again recovering. The two robots bumped into each other, and Bigger Brother flipped Behemoth onto its side. Behemoth could not self-right as quickly as Bigger Brother, and Bigger Brother swiftly reversed Behemoth into the side wall, shoving its rear end underneath Behemoth and coming close to pushing Behemoth on top of the Arena wall. As Behemoth self-righted, Bigger Brother reversed into it, slamming it into the pit release. Bigger Brother got beneath Behemoth's rear end and tossed it into the air, allowing Bigger Brother's wedge to slip beneath it. Using its open flipper to clamp it in place, Bigger Brother pushed Behemoth straight into the pit.

Bigger Brother met Disc-O-Inferno in its Heat Final. As it had in the early stages of the fight with Hypno-Disc, Bigger Brother used its heavily armoured rear end to charge at Disc-O-Inferno's disc. The hard armour paid off when Disc-O-Inferno landed a blow on it that showed no immediate damage to the surface. Bigger Brother tried to flip Disc-O-Inferno's exposed side, but missed its chance. Disc-O-Inferno struck the flipper and then darted away, keeping away from Bigger Brother and trying to keep its disc facing the Watts machine. However, in its flight, it ran into a CPZ and was caught in Killalot's huge claw. Momentarily stopped, Bigger Brother rushed in and flipped it up against the wall. Disc-O-Inferno slid down onto its wheels and ran into Killalot again, trapping Disc-O-Inferno between Bigger Brother and the House Robot. Bigger Brother flipped Disc-O-Inferno against Killalot, catching it between its flipper and wedge. Killalot then pushed both robots into the centre of the Arena. Bigger Brother released Disc-O-Inferno and then flipped it over before it could spin its disc up. Relentless, Bigger Brother pushed Disc-O-Inferno across a flame pit and into an angle grinder, tossing it up slightly, and then flipping it all the way up onto an angle grinder. Disc-O-Inferno could not escape Bigger Brother's flipper as it clamped down on a wheel and trapped it in place. It was given a brief reprieve when it was tossed out of Bigger Brother's guard zone and managed to drive free. However, a split second pause to spin its disc up, allowed Bigger Brother quickly caught it and flipped it against another side wall, activating the pit as it rammed it into the wall. Using its spikes to hold the wheels, Bigger Brother pushed Disc-O-Inferno into Shunt. Both Shunt's axe and Bigger Brother's flipper missed, and Disc-O-Inferno found itself free. With its weapon not working and clearly on the defensive, Disc-O-Inferno purposely drove itself straight into the pit, giving the match to Bigger Brother.

Round 1 of the Semi-Final saw Bigger Brother fighting the 6th seeds Dominator 2. Bigger Brother started cautiously and avoided early attacks from Dominator 2 before getting underneath the front of its opponent and flipping it over. Bigger Brother tried to push Dominator 2 against the Arena wall, but righted its opponent, and Dominator 2 came in with an axe attack and pushed Bigger Brother into the CPZ. Bigger Brother quickly escaped and lifted its opponent up a few times, but without managing to flip it over, and Dominator 2 continued to attack with the axe. Bigger Brother then went into the CPZ and was picked up and carried around the Arena by Sir Killalot, before being dropped upside-down. Bigger Brother self-righted but had clearly lost its mobility and Sir Killalot picked it up again before cease was called, and the judges went for Dominator 2.

Bigger Brother wasn't out though, as it went into the loser's melee along with 4th seeds Hypno-Disc and 10th seeds Spawn Again, both of which it had fought before. In the melee, Spawn Again started by attacking Hypno-Disc. Bigger Brother came in and was attacked by Hypno-Disc, but it easily brushed off the impact, taking no real damage. Then, after another attack on Bigger Brother, Hypno-Disc slammed into the arena wall and immediately broke down, leaving two robots to fight. As Hypno-Disc was paraded around the arena by Sir Killalot, the other two robots had become locked together, but Killalot was able to free them. As Hypno-Disc was counted out, Bigger Brother activated the pit release button, but was immediately flipped against the Arena wall by Spawn Again. However, this attack seemed to knock out Spawn Again and Bigger Brother was able to self-right and push Spawn Again into the pit of oblivion.

Re-instated, Bigger Brother had to fight Terrorhurtz to reach the Grand Final. Despite not being seeded, Terrorhurtz had previously taken out the seeded Panic Attack and Spawn Again. The robots came together but Bigger Brother could not get underneath its opponent and Terrorhurtz attacked with its axe several times, before pushing Bigger Brother into the arena wall. This attack looked to have immobilised Bigger Brother and Refbot came in to investigate, but then it suddenly sprung back to life again. Terrorhurtz quickly responded and attacked Bigger Brother again in the CPZ, but both were attacked by Shunt and Sergeant Bash. Terrorhurtz escaped, but Bigger Brother had stopped moving again in the CPZ and Terrorhurtz activated the pit release button, as Bigger Brother was counted out. To finish the battle, Bigger Brother was thrown by the floor flipper and pitted by Shunt, leaving Terrorhurtz to go through to the Grand Final.

Extreme 2Edit


After reaching the Semi-Finals of the Sixth Wars, Bigger Brother returned for the All-Stars tournament. In the first round, it was against S3 and Firestorm 4, both of which it had fought before, although Ian Watts and Philippa Forrester claimed they had never fought Firestorm before. Having lost to both of these robots before, S3 included an anti-flipper plate, in the hope that flippers would fail to get underneath S3 and be driven onto the disc; however this proved to be their downfall. The battle began with Bigger Brother flipping over S3 from behind, but being pushed away by Firestorm. S3 then got stuck on its side, the anti flipper plates stopping them from falling back onto their wheels, leaving Bigger Brother enough time to push it to the side of the Arena and flip it out, achieving what it failed to do in its Series 5 battle. Firestorm then charged at Bigger Brother and overturned it, but it self-righted, only to be thrown over again, both robots were through anyway.

Bigger Brother was then drawn against reigning UK champions Tornado. Tornado, using its charity scoop, was immediately under pressure from Bigger Brother, who a number of times tried, but failed to flip Tornado. During one attack, Bigger Brother strayed too close to Sir Killalot, who pushed Bigger Brother into the angle grinders, but Bigger Brother escaped, only to be slammed back again by Tornado, who was suddenly had the upper hand. Tornado eventually let Bigger Brother go, but was immediately left to rue their error as Bigger Brother flipped Tornado over, leaving the scoop useless and a perfect gap for a flipper to exploit. Tornado, sensing their weakness, ran for the pit release. Tornado then tried pushing Bigger Brother, but failed to make any ground. Bigger Brother again flicked Tornado into the air, but did not re-right it. Tornado continued pushing, but Bigger Brother was equal to it, and in fact pushed back. Tornado retreated, and very nearly drove into the pit, but reversed just in time; however in its haste to attack, it got itself caught trapped between Bigger Brother's descending flipper and its shell, lifting all of Tornado's wheels off the ground, and allowing Bigger Brother to push Tornado towards the pit and in.

Bigger Brother then fought Firestorm 4 again in the Heat Final for the right to reach the All-Stars Grand Final. Firestorm 4 immediately got stuck under the disc of doom, freed itself but got stuck again, however this proved a good thing as Bigger Brother ran up on the disc, which is slightly above floor level, and onto the wedge of Firestorm, being thrown onto its back in the process, but Bigger Brother easily self-righted. After riding on Firestorm's wedge, Bigger Brother bounced down and went on the attack, flicking Firestorm into the air, but not flipping it over. The two robots spent a lot of time pushing one another, before Firestorm flipped Bigger Brother onto its back by the arena wall, but once again Bigger Brother recovered. Bigger Brother missed an opportunity, as Firestorm was wedged under the angle grinders, leaving the sides open to attack, but Firestorm spun away before Bigger Brother could take advantage. Firestorm once again went on the offensive, this time pushing Bigger Brother across the arena and slammed it into the opposite wall. Sergeant Bash attempted to crush the side of Bigger Brother, as the two robots had strayed into a CPZ, but failed to and Firestorm carried Bigger Brother away on its wedge. Firestorm then pressed the pit release button, and Firestorm shoved Bigger Brother against the corner of the Arena, just failing to overturn it before the arrival of Sergeant Bash and Shunt, who axed the top of Bigger Brother. The two robots escaped, and met again in the centre of the arena. Bigger Brother this time went on the attack, as Firestorm's flipper appeared to have wedged open. Firestorm retaliated, and flipped over Bigger Brother, who had run out of CO2, and Firestorm pushed it into the pit

The Watts family returned for the Minor Meltdown competition, where Joe drove the machine and Ellie controlled the weapons. In the first round, it fought Lambsy and Saw Point. Bigger Brother drove into Saw Point and attempted to flip it, before pushing it the length of the arena and tossing it onto its back. Bigger Brother pushed both robots across the arena, before putting Saw Point into Growler's CPZ, where Growler seized the immobile Saw Point. As Lambsy and Bigger Brother continued their battle, Growler slammed Saw Point into the side wall, dislodging one of its wheels. Bigger Brother pushed Lambsy into the pit release, flipping it over as Saw Point was counted out. Killalot threw Saw Point around the arena, and Bigger Brother pitted Lambsy, but Saw Point was already out, and it was crushed underneath an array of car parts.

In Round 2, Bigger Brother fought Rick. The beginning of the battle was filled with excitement, but neither robot could land a blow on the other. Rick partially flipped Bigger Brother, but it landed on its wheels. Bigger Brother flipped Rick over, when suddenly Dead Metal's blade came rolling across the Arena floor, disappearing in the crack between the arena wall and floor. The pit descended, and Rick fled, with Bigger Brother in pursuit. Rick attempted to right itself, despite being invertible, it could not use its flipper while upside down, thus it failed. Rick broke down in the CPZ, and placed on the Disc of Doom. It flew off quickly, but Bigger Brother could not push it because of the spin. Dead Metal pushed Bigger Brother away, but was also spun to one side. It caught Rick and pitted it.

In the Final, Bigger Brother charged down Lambsy, flipping it onto its side. After activating the pit, Bigger Brother reversed into Lambsy, knocking it down the pit, and becoming the Minor Meltdown Champion. The battle took just 27 seconds.

Series 7Edit

Bigger Brother s7 Official image

Returning as the 4th seeds, Bigger Brother was drawn against newcomers U.R.O. and Typhoon 2, along with returning team Colossus. Typhoon 2 failed to get spinning, whilst Bigger Brother repeatedly flipped the invertible U.R.O., causing it enough damage to become immobilised. Colossus had already been flipped, leaving Typhoon 2 and Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother flipped over Typhoon, immobilising it and attempted to re-right Colossus. However, Refbot counted out Colossus moments before Colossus landed on its wheels and started moving again, before driving into the pit.

In the second round, Bigger Brother faced Iron-Awe 2.1. With Bigger Brother having a reputation for flipping robots out of the Arena, and Iron-Awe being a team with machines that had been flipped out of the Arena three times before, everyone believed Bigger Brother would get through easily. The battle started as predicted - Bigger Brother started quickly, flipping Iron-Awe 2.1 over and into Refbot, before flipping them back onto their wheels. The Heat favourites bumped into Shunt, who was out of his CPZ, and Iron-Awe 2.1 took advantage of this brief distraction, getting its flipper underneath and flipping them over the wall - and out of the competition, one of the biggest shocks in Robot Wars history.

As veterans of five wars, Bigger Brother entered the All-Stars championship at the end of the series. In the first round, it fought Panic Attack, Firestorm 5, and former Tag Team partners Kat 3. However, before the battle, Joe Watts announced that he and the other competitors were planning to the House Robots. Immediately, all four robots converged on Shunt, and Firestorm 5 was the first to slide beneath the house robot and flipped it over. Bigger Brother and Firestorm 5 both attacked Shunt again, with Firestorm 5 wedging itself on the arena side wall in the process. Shunt's axe flailed as it tried to self-right, accidentally nudging Firestorm 5 off the wall in the process. Refbot cleared the four competing robots away, and Cassius Chrome seized Kat 3 and shoved it across the arena. Whilst Cassius Chrome battled the competitors, Refbot activated the pit release button. and Bigger Brother was on the panel already and ,couldn't drive away, as the descent had already begun and its ground clearance was too low, so the descent was halted, and the Refbot shoved Bigger Brother off and away, allowing the descent of the pit to continue. As Bigger Brother joined Panic Attack in attacking Cassius Chrome, Refbot accidentally reversed into the pit itself, the pit then quickly raised again to let the Refbot out. Firestorm 5 and Bigger Brother tried to flip Cassius Chrome, but they were unsuccessful, and Firestorm 5 pushed Panic Attack into Cassius Chrome, with the two competitors then shoving the House Robot the length of the Arena. All four robots ganged up on Cassius Chrome. Panic Attack hoisted Cassius Chrome off the ground, before being aided by Bigger Brother. Meanwhile, the Drop Zone and the arena floor flipper both activated in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the rampaging robots. Cassius Chrome appeared to have lost power as it was pushed towards the pit by Panic Attack, who then left it up against the Arena side wall by the pit release button, as it was obvious to see that Cassius Chrome couldn't drive and was consequently immobilised. After this, all four competitors decided to leave it alone, and decided to turn on the Refbot, for a clean House Robot sweep. However, Firestorm 5 suddenly drove itself into the pit of oblivion after deflecting off the Refbot in a charge. Finally, Kat 3 accidentally axed Bigger Brother, when actually trying to hit the Refbot, causing the roboteers to finally turn on each other. Kat 3 then ran away from the other competitors, Bigger Brother shoved Panic Attack against the angle grinder, then chased after Kat 3, with Panic Attack in hot pursuit. Kat 3 slammed into the pit release button again in panic, before being scooped up by Bigger Brother. Bigger Brother then tried to push Kat 3 down into the pit, but Kat 3 just escaped the robot's grasp, and Bigger Brother suddenly lost control, reversed, and fell into the pit itself.

Bigger Brother was originally scheduled to fight in the House Robot Rebellion alongside Behemoth, but it was replaced with Gravity after Bigger Brother aided in the assault on the House Robots in the All-Stars, as the producers felt that it had attacked the House Robots too often.


Bigger Brother's only appearance in American series was the International Tag Team Terror in the Nickelodeon series. This time it teamed up with Kat 3. Things did not start well as Kat 3 was immediately flipped over by Rick and Bigger Brother had to come in and right it. All four competitors were soon in the middle of the arena and Bigger Brother was then accidentally struck by Kat 3's axe. Bigger Brother then pushed Ming 3 against the arena side wall and flipped it over, but Ming 3 managed to self-right. The fight went to the judges and in a close decision, Bigger Brother and Kat 3 were eliminated.

In the Playoff, both Run Away and Kat 3 were unable to compete due to electrical problems so Bigger Brother had to fight Zanzara alone. Zanzara, who was having weapon problems, attempted to evade Bigger Brother, but the British robot pushed it into the arena wall and flipped it, sending it spinning, but landing back on its wheels. Bigger Brother flipped up Zanzara again, before pushing it onto the disc trigger. Dead Metal attempted to attack Zanzara, but missed, and Bigger Brother flipped Zanzara up onto the arena wall. As Refbot moved in, Shunt axed Zanzara, but ended up righting it. The House Robots attacked Zanzara anyway, with Bigger Brother pushing it back towards them as it tried to escape. Zanzara now appeared to be having difficulty moving, but it survived to a judges' decision. In editing, this battle was heavily reduced in length. The judges gave the win to the obvious winner, meaning Bigger Brother and Kat 3 finished in third place.

Live EventsEdit


Bigger brother rarely makes any major appearance, outside of whiteboard matches.

European Heavyweight Championships 2013Edit

Bigger Brother 2013

Bigger Brother fought in at least two battles. One was against Tsunami and Edge Hog. In this battle, Bigger Brother overturned Tsunami a couple of times before attempting the same with Edge Hog, unsuccessfully. Finally, Bigger Brother shoved Tusnami towards the pit, reversing and driving in to try to push it closer and closer. However, as Bigger Brother reversed, Tsunami escaped, leaving Bigger Brother to drive forwards and nearly overbalance. Edge Hog then came in and gave the final push to pit Bigger Brother.

Bigger Brother's second battle was against Kan-Opener andGrim Reaper. As the three came together for the first time, Grim Reaper missed a flip as Kan-Opener grabbed hold of Bigger Brother. Grim Reaper attempted to flip the two, but was unable to overturn the pair. It continued to try to flip the two. Eventually, it and Bigger Brother flipped at the same time, throwing Kan-Opener into the air. It landed on Kan-Opener, which was overturned. In an attempt to escape Bigger Brother, the yellow robot reversed directly over the pit. Grim Reaper was flipped up a couple of times, stacking it against the wall. After a while, Grim Reaper flipped itself free, but was overturned once more, before being pushed to the pit, where it self-righted in.

Other EventsEdit

Bigger Brother contested and won the Heavyweight category at the RobotsAtWar Charity Event in 2001, beating Dominator 2 in the Final. -

Bigger Brother has competed in many live events after Robot Wars ended. Most recently, it fought at the Robots Live! Stevenage event in October 2016, appearing in numerous whiteboard battles against fellow Robot Wars and BattleBots competitors Behemoth and Photon Storm, among others. In one of these fights, it took on Robot Wars Series 8 Champion Apollo and lost.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Battlebots Season 2.0 Heavyweight Division Round 2 Mauler 51-50 Won
Last 16 Voltronic Lost
Heavyweight Rumble Circuit Breaker

Decimator, Dreadbot, Gammatron

Iron Eagle, Punjar, Blendo, Scrap Daddy HW210 Surgeon General, M.O.E., Mjolinir, Kill-O-Amp Overkill, Bender, Technofool, Mauler 51-50

UK Robot Wars Series 4 (Seeded 14th) Heat J Eliminator Clawed Hopper

Hammer & Tong

Semi-Final Bulldog Breed 2 Lost
Pinball Tournament Pinball N/A 180pts (Equal 5th with Diotoir)
Sumo Basho Sumo Shunt 6.43 Seconds (12th place)
Tag-Team Terror (With Plunderbird 4) Round 1 Firestorm 2 & Scorpion Lost
Play-Off X-Terminator & Invertabrat Won
RoboMania 2001 Brighton 2001 Round 1 Tornado Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 1 Tag-Team Terror (with Major Tom) Round 1 Spawn Again & Comengetorix Lost
Single Battle Events Flipper Frenzy Chaos 2

Wheely Big Cheese

Thermidor 2

Vengeance Comengetorix Won
Nickelodeon Robot Wars International Tag-Team (Representing UK

with Kat 3)

Round 1 Ming 3 & Rick (UK) Lost
Play-Off Run Away & Zanzara (USA) Won
UK Robot Wars Series 5 Heat I Eliminator Tip-Top Won
Semi-Final (17) Splinter Won
Heat Final (8) 3 Stegs to Heaven Won
Semi-Final 1 Round 1 S3 Won
Round 2 (1) Chaos 2 Won
Grand-Final Eliminator (3) Hypno-Disc Won
Grand-Final (4) Razer Lost
UK Robot Wars Series 6 (Seeded 2nd) Heat L Eliminator Major Tom

Killer Carrot 2


Semi-Final Behemoth Won
Heat Final Disc-O-Inferno Won
Semi-Final 2 Round 1 (6) Dominator 2 Lost
Loser's Melee (4) Hypno-Disc

(10) Spawn Again

Round 2 Terrorhurtz Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 2 All-Stars Heat A - Round 1 S3

Firestorm 4

Heat A - Semi-Final Tornado Won
Heat A Final Firestorm 4 Lost
Minor Meltdown Round 1 Lambsy

Saw Point

Semi-Final Rick Won
Final Lambsy Won
Dutch Robot Games 2 (Representing UK) 2003 Saturday Morning Session - Fight 5 Black Hole (Germany)

Hammerhead 2 (Holland)

Saturday Afternoon Session - Fight 5 Snake Bite (Switzerland)

Alien Destructor (Holland)

Sunday Morning Session - Flipper Frenzy Dantomkia

Gravity, Ripper

Hard, The Grim Reaper, No Fear

Sunday Afternoon Session - Fight 3 Edge Hog


UK Robot Wars Series 7 (Seeded 4th) Heat O Eliminator Colossus 2


Typhoon 2

Semi-Final Iron-Awe 2.1 Lost
All-Stars Round 1 Kat 3

Panic Attack

Firestorm 5


Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 24
  • Losses: 15
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