Battle Axe is the Featherweight Robots Live house robot; built specifically to keep the featherweights under control. At its debut event, Burgess Hill 2008, it showed its authority in the arena and has already made a few enemies within the featherweight teams who are seeking revenge! BattleAxe has a pair of steel claws with 500Kg of thrust; it also carries a heavy steel hammer, powered by pneumatics.

Robot History Edit

Battle Axe was the first house robot made by the Robots Live event managers and the third (possibly forth if you include Sgt Bash) house robot made for the robot live events. It made its debut in 2008 at Burgess Hill and was made to tackle featherweight robots becoming the second house robot made specifically to do so. The axe delivers major damage to the featherweights it manages to hit however because of their petite size it can be hard and even harder to catch with the claws. Battle Axe has been proven to be unreliable against flippers as they cane easily get under neath and flip Battle Axe, though not over it can prevent Battle Axe from attacking. Interestingly Battle Axe is the only house robot that seemingly never breaks the rules as a house robot, it only attacks when competitors enter its lair or if the competitor is immobilized.

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