Bat Ray

BatRay was a Lightweight robot built by Team Think Tank that competed in BattleBots Season 5.0.

Robot History Edit

BatRay's first fight was against Supercalibotulistic. Supercalibotulistic had a problem, when it moved, its wedge lifted up off the ground. BatRay went right under it and slammed it into a wall. BatRay also had the pushing advantage, and was able to move Supercalibotulistic around. It could not ram it though, because if it hit while the front wedge wasn't lifting up off the ground, it'd slide right onto it. Eventually BatRay got under Supercalibotulistic again and slammed it into the wall where it was jammed and immobile. BatRay then freed Supercali. BatRay tried to use its spin-in-place abilities after that, and got one hit that way, but it didn't do much. It still won, 30-15.

BatRay then went up against Pursuer. Pursuer pushed BatRay around on its front spike, then got underneath and pushed it around even more. It continually got under BatRay, and drove it all over the place, but never seemed to be able to get it slammed into the wall because the sloped design of Pursuer caused BatRay to constantly slide off. BatRay tried to sit and spin as a defense. Pursuer was kept at bay, but as soon as BatRay stopped spinning, Pursuer came over and got under him again. The judges scored 26-19 in favor of Pursuer.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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