Barry Scott at UWE Beetle Brawl

Barry Scott was a beetleweight drum spinner built by Riptide Robotics. Barry Scott boasted a heavy weapon and tough armor, but suffered from drive and reliability issues at its only event.

Robot HistoryEdit

UWE Beetle BrawlEdit

Barry Scott was placed into Heat F, and were first matched against Limpet XS. As the fight began it was clear Barry Scott didn't work at all, and Limpet XS drove over and began to carry it around the box. After a brief while, Barry Scott was counted out, having not moved the entire time.

Barry Scott's next opponent was Hell Reaper. As the fight began Barry Scott got it's drum up to speed and began to meander about the arena with no real direction as Hell Reaper did the same. Hell Reaper eventually moved over to the pit release button and tapped it, but the pit didn't release. Barry Scott began to move towards Hell Reaper as Hell Reaper turned to face Barry Scott. Barry Scott however turned away from Hell Reaper and drove towards the wall, seeming to have problems driving. Eventually Barry Scott got turned back around and approached the aimless Hell Reaper, but was unable to steer its weapon into Hell Reaper. Both robots separated and continued to meander slowly, neither seeming to be interested in attacking the other. After a little bit, Hell Reaper seemed to get its bearings and charged at Barry Scott, going head-on into the drum, which seemed to skitter off of Hell Reaper's wedge without doing any damage. The robots stayed nose to nose for some time, both seemingly struggling to drive with Hell Reaper's weight pushing down on the front wedge plate of Barry Scott. Eventually Hell Reaper was able to back away, allowing Barry Scott a light hit on the left side of Hell Reaper. The two meandered again, and during the final ten seconds, Hell Reaper lightly bumped the front of Barry Scott once again. In the end, Hell Reaper won the judge's decision, leaving Barry Scott as the third place finisher in the heat and thus eliminating it from the tournament.

Barry Scott did not return for the Gladiator fights.

Some time after this event, Barry Scott was sold and shipped to Canada, where it was made smaller to conform to North American beetleweight standards, internally upgraded, and renamed to SlamWOW!.


Series Event Opponent(s) Results
UWE Beetle Brawl Heat F Limpet XS Lost
Hell Reaper Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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