Not to be confused with the Canadian Beetleweight of the same name which entered Robot Riots 4.

Banshee (sometimes known as Banshee Bandit) was a full-body spinning robot at 200RPM that competed in the fourth series of Robot Wars. It had the novelty head of a large banshee, a female Irish spirit wailing "warnings of impending death and doom" according to the team, complete with hypnotic flashing eyes. It was believed that the robot was modeled on team captain Graham Walker's wife. Like many other robots that have a head, this was decapitated by the axe of Shunt. However, it had a very slow top speed of only 5mph and it lost in the first round after an encounter with Spawn of Scutter due to its lack of speed. The team (as the 39th Huddersfield Scouts) also competed in Series 3 with Shark Attack which was updated in 5 weeks to form Banshee.

Robot History Edit

Banshee was drawn against 10th seeds Spawn of Scutter and Knightmare. It got up to speed quickly, deflecting off Spawn of Scutter. Using its slight wedge, Spawn of Scutter got beneath Banshee and flung it across the arena using its spike, tipping Banshee over. Shunt decapitated Banshee, who was now beaten.

Banshee also competed in the Pinball Warrior Tournament, a test of driving skill, control and speed. Banshee certainly had two of those requirements, but its low speed meant it took 7 whole seconds just to turn and knock the first set of barrels over.

Despite this, Banshee was able to hit Sergeant Bash's 50 point target and also the Multi-Ball release, but was unable to do any more than that as Sir Killalot closed in on it. In the end, it scored 75 points, putting it equal 12th with Stinger.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 4

Heat L Eliminator (10) Spawn of Scutter,


Pinball Warrior Tournament N/A 75 Points

(Joint 12th

with Stinger)

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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