Chinese Bot 1
Azure Dragon was a Middleweight robot from China that competed in the 2017 FMB World Cup in Guangdong, China, as well as the 2017 Ultimate Unlimited Robot Fight Competition in Chongquing.

It was a red, and green, two-wheeled, invertible robot armed with a horizontal bar spinner.

Robot HistoryEdit

Ultimate Unlimited Robot Fight Competition 2017Edit

Azure Dragon's first match was against Rushing Bull. This match started with Azure Dragon spinning up, and Rushing Bull attacked it, deflecting its bar spinner in a shower of sparks. Rushing Bull then continued to attack Azure Dragon, preventing it from spinning up, and eventually shoving it against the wall where it broke down, and was counted out.

FMB World Cup 2017Edit


Competition Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Ultimate Unlimited Robot Fight Competition 2017 60kg 1 Rushing Bull Lost
FMB World Cup 2017 (Representing China) 60kg 1 General (Brazil) Lost
  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
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