Armadrillo was a hexagonal shaped robot from Series 6 of Robot Wars. It was a small invertible robot with a 12' spike on the back and two cutting blades on the front.

Interestingly, the name written on the side and the top of the machine was originally Armardrillo, but the second 'r' was removed from the robot before filming took place, leaving a clear space where it used to be.

It was lighter than most heavyweights (In its battle, it was at least 3 kilos lighter than its three opponents) and therefore susceptible to being flipped. When told the draw for the first round, team captain Mick Stock described the robot as "cannon fodder", and he proved to be correct as Armadrillo lost its only battle.

Its name is an obvious pun on an Armadillo, a small mammal known for its leathery armoured shell.

Armadrillo previously attempted to qualify for the Fifth Wars where it was up against Frightmare at the qualifiers. After a slow and boring four minutes in their qualifier battle, Armadrillo broke down, leaving Frightmare the victor. Both robots subsequently failed to qualify. It also failed to qualify for Series 4 and 7.

Robot History Edit

Armadrillo begun the fight by attacking Roobarb, but S3 came in and damaged Armadrillo, ripping a small chunk of armour from Armadrillo. Armadrillo slowed down and appeared to be immobile. Suddenly, Armadrillo showed signs of movement, only 3 seconds away from being counted out. It was still eliminated when the fight went to a judges decision.

In the post battle interview, it was revealed that Armadrillo had actually beached itself on top of a piece of armour fragment, meaning it had been unable to move properly.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
UK Robot Wars

Series 5

Qualifier N/A Frightmare Lost
UK Robot Wars

Series 6

Heat D Eliminator (7) S3,




Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1 (+1 from qualifiers)
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