Arena Killer was a competitor in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars. It fought through to the second round, where it fell to eventual runners-up Lizzard. It also fought in the first Dutch Robot Games.

In addition, Arena Killer fought in German Robot Wars under the name Absolut Krankhaft, German for "Absolutely Nauseating", because there were not enough German robots. Because the letters were welded on the robot, the team needed a name for the German Series that used the same letters. It was chosen by Jeroen's teammate Werner who did the interviews in the German language. Absolut Krankhaft fell in the first round against eventual winner and runner-up Black Hole and Tsunami.

Arena Killer was dismantled in the late 2000s, with team captain Jeroen van der Loo focusing on his new machine, Tough as Nails.

Robot History Edit

Dutch Robot Wars Series 1Edit

In its first battle, Arena Killer faced Lethal Swan. The robots danced around each other for a little before Arena Killer attacked Lethal Swan from the side, flipping it over and immobilizing it. In the second round, Arena Killer met Lizzard. Several times, it tried to lift Lizzard, but had no success. It was swiped by Lizzard's tail before being pushed into a CPZ, where Shunt axed it and flipped it with its scoop. Arena Killer could not self-right, so Shunt axed its underside before righting it. Lizzard was immobilized by the house robots at the end, but the match still went to a jury's decision because Lizzard was still mobile and should not have been attacked. The decision was in favour of Lizzard.

German Robot WarsEdit

Arena Killer also entered German Robot Wars under the name Absolut Krankhaft. Almost immediately in its melee, a team effort by Black Hole and Tsunami threw Absolut Krankhaft onto its back, Black Hole cutting through the 2mm steel plate armour and bending the 5mm flange from the IPE80 frame in the process. Tsunami then righted Absolut Krankhaft; however almost immediately flipped it over again. Absolut Krankhaft was counted out by Refbot and paraded around the arena by Sir Killalot, flipped by the floor flipper and eventually pitted, eliminating it from the competition.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
Dutch Robot Wars Series 1 Heat A Eliminator Lethal Swan Won
Semi-Final Lizzard Lost
German Robot Wars

(As Absolut Krankhaft)

Heat B Eliminator Black Hole


Dutch Robot Games I Dutch Championship Eliminator Scraptosaur Won
Semi-Final Flextreme Lost
Grudge Matches Twisted Metal Won
Alien Destructor Won

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 3
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