Anvil was the Royal Air Force's entry in the two Forces specials of Extreme Series 1. It won both Forces specials it competed in, despite being pushed into the pit by Dead Metal on two occasions.

The version seen in Extreme 1 was in fact the second model, the first was only used at live events.

The team intended to enter the Third Wars with a robot called Dr Evil, however, the robot was scrapped during the creation in order to start creation for Anvil.

Robot History Edit

Anvil fought in both Armed Forces tournaments of the first series of Extreme. Firstly it faced Mega-Hurts of the Navy and Rhino of the Army, where Rhino immediately drove into the pit release button. Anvil then pushed Rhino, but Rhino turned and used its pushing power to push Anvil close to the pit. However it escaped and Rhino pursued it, Mega-Hurts then rammed Anvil and Rhino drove up on top of Anvil and then drove over it and Mega-Hurts. Anvil continued to ram Rhino, managing to dislodge one of Rhino's tracks. Meanwhile Mega-Hurts seemed to have steering issues and got itself stuck on the edge of the pit. Rhino then pushed Mega-Hurts down, but was then pushed in by Anvil and Dead Metal, who then shoved Anvil into the pit as well. The judges decided that Anvil had won as it was the last robot to be pitted.

Anvil returned in a special episode dedicated to see which Force had the best robot. In the first round it faced Sub-Version from the Submarine Corps and Shockwave of the Police. Anvil didn't need to do much here as Shockwave fell down the pit early on.

In the next round it faced the Fire Service entry of Oblark and won through after pushing Oblark around, sticking to the side of the Fire Service's entry. Oblark was overturned, and broke its own lifting arm when self-righting, making it easy for Anvil to continue its effort until Oblark was immobilised.

In the Final, Anvil once again pushed Mega-Hurts around the arena, pushing it against the walls and into the CPZs. As the fight drew to a close, Anvil pushed Mega-Hurts into the CPZ nearest the pit, where Dead Metal tried to attack both robots and pushed Anvil away, causing it to drive into the pit. The Mega-Hurts team thought they'd won, but the judges took the view that Dead Metal had interfered and judged the battle up until that moment. The resulting decision allowed Anvil to become the Forces Special Champion.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
HMS Collingwood Field Gun Day N/A Round 1 Sub-Version Won
Semi Final GooRoo Lost
Final Bigger Brother Lost
Robot Wars Extreme 1 Armed Forces Special


Royal Air Force)

Eliminator Shockwave



(Submarine Service)

Semi-Final Oblark

(Fire Service)

Final Mega-Hurts


Armed Forces Melee

(Representing Royal Air Force)






Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2
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