Not to be confused with the UK heavyweight also called BatterBot

And His Army is a fighting robot that reached the Final of the 2009 UK Championship. It was originally called BatterBot and built by Team Scorpion and sported a Dantomkia like paint job, as Team Scorpion possessed Dantomkia at the time, before being sold to Team Toon and turned into And His Army in 2007. It was then rebuilt and turned into Toon Raider by John Findlay of the Ripper team for Team Toon.

Robot History Edit

And His Army's first battle was against Tiberius 4. The battle started slowly, with the two machines trying to get themselves into a good position. Tiberius then charged and caught And His Army, piercing the stripped armour and breaking the motor mount. This left And His Army in the middle of the arena, open to further attack. As And His Army's time ran out, Tiberius, confident of victory, began spinning.

In Barnsley, And His Army faced Big Nipper. It could not match the former champion Big Nipper and was quickly pitted. In Cardiff, And His Army had an easier ride as Beast broke down. In round 3 And His Army faced Tiberius 4 again, this time with Envy. Once again Tiberius was on top, defeating both machines. In Swindon, And His Army faced Tiberius 4 and Meggamouse, overcoming the mouse but once again, Tiberius was victorious. Bad luck struck And His Army in round 5, the gearbox seized up and it couldn't move, leaving Barbaric Response to flip Maelstrom out. In Portsmouth, And His Army was victorious once again beating Beast and Puck to come out on top. In the final round before the Finals, And His Army took on Iron-Awe 6 and Scorpion.

Results Edit

Series Event Round Opponent(s) Results
2008 UK Championships Heavyweight


Qualifier Tiberius 4 Lost
2009 UK Championships Heavyweight


1 Big Nipper Lost
2 Beast Won
3 Tiberius 4,


4 Tiberius 4,


5 Barbaric Response,


6 Beast,


7 Iron-Awe 6,

Scorpion (Substitute)






Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 6
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