Air 2014 finished

Air's final version in 2014

Air was a British heavyweight robot armed with a rear-hinged pneumatic flipper. Originally pyramidic, Air is best known from its second version which was constructed using many parts from Envy, acting as its successor, before being rebuilt in 2014 and sold to Team Thundercheese (now Team Ironclads) who renamed it ThunderChild.

Versions of AirEdit


Air in 2004

The original Air was built in 2004. It was roughly pyramid-shaped and armed with a thin flipper. It is known to have fought at the Roaming Robots Nottingham 2004 event and was retired shortly after this.

A new version of Air was built in 2012 using parts from Robot Combat Hall of Fame inductee Envy. This version was much lower than the original, with a wider and more powerful flipper.

In 2014, Air was rebuilt once more, with a more coffin-shaped design, better-protected wheels and a thinner flipper.

Robot HistoryEdit

Air fought Dantomkia in Heat E. It only had to flip Dantomkia once to stack it against the fence. This immobilised the black and yellow machine, as its own flipper was not working so it couldn't free itself. After its opponent had been counted out, Air then flipped Dantomkia multiple times, eventually leaving it overturned and immobile once again. This win allowed Air to progress to the quarter-finals.

Here, it faced Maelstrom but lost.

Results Edit

Wins/Losses Edit

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
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