AbsurdiTi at Kilobots 40

AbsurdiTi is a US Antweight class robot built by Canadian Carnage Robotics. AbsurdiTi is a two-wheel drive offset horizontal bar spinner utilizing a unique hub-motor weapon system driving one of several types of bars (including a single-toothed weapon). AbsurdiTi has been reasonably successful in competition, maintaining a relatively even win/loss ratio during its career, including a second place finish.

Robot History[edit | edit source]

Kilobots XXXVII[edit | edit source]

AbsurdiTi's first opponent was two-wheel drive wedge Mack. AbsurdiTi won this fight and advanced.

AbsurdiTi then faced fellow horizontal spinner Blue Steel. AbsurdiTi won this fight and advanced.

AbsurdiTi next fought lifter/clamper Chomper. AbsurdiTi won this fight and advanced to the winner's bracket finals.

AbsurdiTi's next opponent was reigning antweight champion Metroid. AbsurdiTi lost this fight and dropped into the loser's bracket.

Already in the loser's bracket finals, AbsurdiTi faced fellow Ontario machine Speed Wedge 1. AbsurdiTi won this fight and advanced to the championship finals.

AbsurdiTi then faced Metroid again. AbsurdiTi once again lost, and finished the event as the runner-up.

Motorama 2018[edit | edit source]

Kilobots XL[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

Series Event Opponent(s) Results
Kilobots XXXVII Antweight Masters Mack Won
Blue Steel Won
Chomper Won
Metroid Lost
Speed Wedge 1 Won
Metroid Lost
Motorama 2018 Antweights Not-A-Loid-1LB Won
Fun Sized Won
Commander Doom 2 Lost
Angry Accountant Lost
Kilobots XL Antweight Masters Tiger Shark Won
Speed Wedge 1 Lost
Mega London Won
Fire Ant Lost

Wins/Losses[edit | edit source]

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 6
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