ADTEC MLK B was a Middleweight robot built by students from ADTEC Melaka in Alor Gajah, Malacca, Malaysia that competed at MY-COMBAT 2016, and 2017. As well as at the 2015 National JTM Robot Challenge. It was a four-wheeled, invertible, silver, box-shaped robot armed with a powerful spinning drum. 

ADTEC MLK B did extremely well in competition owing to its solid construction, and powerful weapon, reaching the final on all three occasions, winning the Best Technology Award, [1]  and only failing to win a final once when it became the runner-up at MY-COMBAT 2016, and is perhaps the most successful Malaysian robot to date, even winning praise from western roboteers, and viewers.

Robot HistoryEdit

Robo Rumblez @ National JTM Robot Challenge 2015Edit

MLK B's first match was against ILPKB, this match started with both bots spinning up to speed, ILPKB got a hit in first, but didn't really cause any damage. MLK B then slammed the side of ILPKB, peeling up a corner of its armor, and briefly stopping its spinner. MLK B then popped the front again before attacking the side, and completely peeling the armor up on the side.

MLK B then hit it again, seperating one side of the armor from the frame partially, and disabling one half of its drive train. MLK B then attempted to pit ILPKB, but failed to do so, and rammed it against the wall before slamming it with its weapon full speed. This knocked the top armor of ILPKB loose, ILPKB then limped into the center of the arena, and MLK B slammed it full speed.

This attack ripped all the loose armor completely off, and sent internals of ILPKB all over the arena. MLK B then drove behind the tattered remains of its opponent, and shoved what was left of it into the pit for the win. This destructive debut put MLK B in the next round where it faced ILP BKT KDL.

This match was short, and begun with MLK B spinning up to speed, BKT KDL then got under it, and attempted a flip but missed. However it then got under MLK B again, and took it to the wall where it flipped it onto its side. Unable to get back on its wheels MLK B was counted out of what was the shortest known fight in the history of Malaysian Robot Combat.

However due to the structure of the event MLK B wasn't out yet, and next faced ILP IPOH. This match started once again with both bots spinning up, both bots then collided weapon to weapon. This sent ILP IPOH flying, and upon landing it became clear that its weapon had been completely disabled. MLK B then flipped it with its drum, this caused ILP IPOH to start emititng a cloud of thick white smoke.

Following this attack MLK B drove in again, slamming ILP IPOH into the pit giving MLK B its second win. However as ILP IPOH was being removed from the pit, and was being carried by its builder it suddenly burst into flames, and was promptly thrown into the trench where it was safely extenguished. This win put MLK B up against in the knockout rounds where it faced ILP Selandar.

This match started with MLK B spinning up, and attacking the side of Selandar, however this did merely cosmetic damage. ILP Selandar retaliated by shoving MLK B into the wall, and pinning it briefly before letting it go, and retreating to the arena wall. Selandar then attempted another slam but missed, allowing MLK B to attack its front, and rip off a whole panel of armor. After this ILP Selendar attempted to get away for another attack, but due to poor driving, drove itself into the pit giving MLK B its second win in a row.

This put MLK B in the Quarter-Finals where it faced ILP Ledang 2, this match started with MLK B spinning up to speed, and clipping one of the wheels of ILP Ledang 2 before delivering a massive hit to the front of it. This completely flipped Ledang 2, and twisted up its lifting wedge, and wedge frame. Ledang 2 then activated its pneumatic wedge in a feeble attempt to get more traction as MLK B came in from behind, and ripped apart the rear armor of its opponent. 

MLK B then spun up, and tapped Ledang 2, this caused a wheel to come rolling off, which promptly fell in the pit. The wheel was shortly followed by Ledang 2 itself as MLK B pushed the now immobile robot into the pit. This third consecutive KO put MLK B in the Semi-Finals where it faced ILP Ledang 1.

This put MLK B in

MY-BOT (Combat Robot Malaysia) @ Kulang 2016Edit

ADTEC MLK B's first match ever was against ILP PEDAS B, this match started with both robots spinning up to speed. MLK B then bent PEDAS B's front skirt into its spinner before sending it flying twice, and ripping the skirt completely off. The robots then shoved each other around until time ran out, and the judges awarded the win to MLK B.

Its next match in the round robin was against DJK (Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin A.A.S).  This match was relatively straight forward as MLK B slammed into Salahuddin AAS twice before shoving it against the wall where it stopped moving, and was counted out. This put it into the second qualifying round where it was once again placed in Group B, it first faced MFI.

This match started with both robots spinning up to speed before MLK B delivered a hit that sent MFI flying. MLK B then slammed MFI a few times before hitting it directly on the drum, which knocked it off its bearings leaving MFI weaponless. MLK B then slammed into MFI again, ripping off its left, side armor completely. Despite inflicting all this damage, the fight went the distance, and the judges scored the match in favor of MLK B.

Its next fight was against Sunway University's robot, Boss. This match was very short as MLK B spun up to full speed, and slammed into Boss, which started falling apart. After slamming Boss into a corner, Boss's weapon started working but its wheels stopped. After a few more hits by MLK B it became clear that Boss was no longer mobile, and it was counted out.

This put MLK B into the Elimination round where it was put into Group J, and faced ILP PEDAS B once again. For this match ILP PEDAS B had swapped out its spinner for a wedge, however as soon as the match started it became clear that this had no effect whatsoever as MLK B effortlessly popped it into the air, ripping apart the wedge in the process.

MLK B then delivered a side-on attack that nearly threw ILP PEDAS B clean out of the arena, but it fell back off of the rails, and onto its side where MLK B struck it again, righting it. However what happened after this is sadly unknown as the rest of the fight is nowhere to be found. However due to the damage, and massive hits MLK B was awarded the win, and it next faced MJII.

This match started with MLK B spinning up but failing to get under MJII. However this would not prove to be a problem as it shoved MJII into a corner where MJII's drive motors burned out, and emitted a massive puff of smoke. MKL B then tossed it into the air a few times as MJII was counted out.

MLK B then faced ABIH REM ILP KB, as soon as this match started it was clear that ABIH REM was not mobile, and it was quickly counted out without MLK B having to really do anything. This put it in the Quarter-Finals where it faced the powerful vertical spinner, Roku.

This match started with both bots getting up to speed, Roku got in an early hit, nearly flipping MLK B, and taking out half of its drive-train. However despite this MLK B skillfully was driven to the edge of Roku's feeder wedge, and sent Roku flying. Roku then came in for another attack but was again sent flying by MLK B's drum.

MLK B then got a few more hits in, sending Roku flying once more before a weapon on weapon hit broke both robots weapons. Unfortunately MLK B then drove into the wall, got stuck, and was counted out. This meant that MLK B now had to fight the Institut Latihan Perindustrian entry, JEBAT RC2 to stay in the competition.

This match started with MLK B spinning up, and attempting to avoid the flipper of JEBAT RC2 before getting around to the side, and sending it flying. MLK B then attacked the flipper of JEBAT RC2, peeling it upwards, and rendering it useless before sending it flying yet again. MLK B then continued to batter, and rip apart the armor of JEBAT RC2 until time ran out.

Unsurprisingly MLK B won the resulting judges decision, however as the loser's quarterfinals match was best 2 out of 3 it  had to face JEBAT RC2 again. This match started with MLK B driving onto the flipper of JEBAT RC2, however JEBAT misfired, allowing MLK B to get away.

MLK B took adavantage of this error, getting under JEBAT RC2, and ripping apart its front armor. JBEAT then attempted to shove MLK B around but the damage had been done, and it became clear that only one half of JEBAT RC2's drive was working.

MLK B then slammed into JEBAT RC2 a few more times before sending it flying. Following this MLK B slammed JEBAT RC2 into the wall before causing even more damage to its armor with its drum. After a few more hits JEBAT RC2's frame was completely twisted, and it stopped moving, and was counted out. This put MLK B in the Semi-Final where it faced another of Team JEBAT RC's robots, JEBAT RC

This match started off with JEBAT RC getting under MLK B with its drum, and slamming it into the arena wall. However MLK B recovered, and returned the favor, slamming JEBAT RC into the wall, this knocked something loose as JEBAT's drum stopped spinning. MLK B then manouvered around to the side of its opponent and successfully launched a side-on attack on JEBAT RC, which bent the later's wheelguards in on one side.

This severely hindered JEBAT RC's mobility as it could now only turn in circles. MLK B then rammed into JEBAT RC several times, causing more, and more issues for JEBAT RC's mobility with each slam. MLK B then got around to the other sides wheelguards, and ripped them apart leaving the rear wheels of JEBAT RC exposed on that side. Following this it launched another side on attack, this time flipping JEBAT RC over completely.

After this MLK B's weapon momentarily stopped working, and it attempted to shove JEBAT RC around for a while to no great effect. However MLK B's weapon then started working again, and it delivered a few minor hits to JEBAT RC before sending it flying once again. JEBAT RC then landed perched against the arena wall, however with only 3 seconds left on the clock the match went to a judges decision which was won by MLK B.

This put MLK B in the final where it faced Bertam, this match started off with MLK B delivering a flurry of large hits to Bertam. This sent Bertam flying but it recovered, and used its rear wedge to shove MLK B around the arena, and into the walls repeatedly. MLK B eventually got away, and delivered a hit to the side of Bertam, flipping it.

MLK B then followed this up by attacking once again, but failing to cause any significant damage. At this point MLK B's drive failed on one side, and shortly afterwards Bertam's failed as well. The rest of the match consisted of the two barely mobile robots driving around trying to show controlled movement until time ran out. The judges scored the match in favor of Bertam, this meant that MLK B became the 2016 MY-BOT Runner-up.

MY-BOT (Combat Robot Malaysia) @ Kulang 2017Edit

MLK B's first match this competition was against Helios, this match started with MLK B spinning up to speed, and avoiding the flipper of Helios. MLK B then delivered a hit to Helios which sent it flying, as well as completely bending the flipping arm, and ripping off a side panel. MLK B then delivered another devastating blow, twisting the frame of Helios, bending its left wheel axle, and flipping it. Due to all the damage sustained Helios was unable to self-right, and was counted out.

MLK B then faced TRE 01, this match started with MLK B spinning up, and driving straight at TRE 01, popping it into the air. MLK B then got to the side of TRE 01, popping it into the air yet again, however TRE 01 then got under MLK B but was unable to do anything as it lacked pushing power. This allowed MLK B to get free,  and deliver several shots to the side of TRE 01, which stopped moving, and was counted out.

This put it into the second group stage where it first faced DCEN 01. This match consisted of MLK B spinning up, and delivering several hits to DCEN 01, MLK B then flipped DCEN 01 with its drum, at which point it stopped moving. MLK B next fought CRAE A. This match consisted of MLK B flipping CRAE A around with its drum until time ran out.

It next faced Bertram 01, it won this match, and progressed to the Quarter-Finals where it faced a rematch with Roku. This match started with both bots spinning up to full speed, MLK B then delivered a massive hit to Roku, sending it flying 4 feet into the air. Roku then landed upside-down, MLK B took advantage of this, using its drum to bend Roku's wedge into its spinning bar.

This left Roku weaponless, and MLK B hit it again, this time putting Roku back on its wheels. Roku then tried pushing MLK B around, however this failed, and MLK B flipped Roku yet again. MLK B followed this up by delivering another large flip, flipping them up against the wall with all four wheels off the ground. This left Roku unable to move, and as a result it was counted out.

This put MLK B in the Semi-Finals where it faced DCEN 01 once more, this match started with both robots spinning up to full speed. MLK B then got a hit on DCEN 01, which quickly recovered, and got under MLK B with its drum, slamming it into the wall. MLK B managed to get away however, and flipped DCEN 01 before delivering a flurry of large hits. All this abuse from MLK B took its toll on DCEN 01 which eventually caused it to stop moving, and it was counted out.

This put MLK B in the Finals once more, where it faced KKTMPJ, this match started with KKTMPJ charging across the arena, and slamming into MLK B, this tossed KKTMPJ into the air, crippling its drive on one side. MLK B then slammed into it once more, ripping a wheel off before attacking again, flipping KKTMPJ, and bending an axle on its still functioning side of drive.

MLK B then flipped it again, completely bending the already bent wheel shaft even further. At this point KKTMPJ stopped moving completely, and MLK B then delivered a flurry of extra blows, then as KKTMPJ was being counted out. MLK B hit it once again after a cry for One More hit rang out from the KKTMPJ team MLK B's team obliged sending it flying one last time as it was counted out. This destructive KO meant that MLK B was now the 2017 Malaysian champion.


Competition Group Opponent(s) Round Results
Robo Rumblez @ National JTM Robot Challenge 2015 1 ILPKB Game 1 Won
ILP BKT KDL Game 2 Lost
ILP IPOH Game 3 Won
Knockout Rounds ILP Selandar 1 Won
Finals ILP Ledang 2 Quarter-Finals Won
ILP Ledang 1 Semi-Finals Won
ADTEC BP Final Won
MY-BOT (Combat Robot Malaysia) @ Kulang 2016 B ILP PEDAS B Qualifying Round 1 Won
DJK (Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin A.A.S) Won
B MFI Qualifying Round 2 Won
Boss Won
J ILP PEDAS B Elimination Round Won
None Roku Quarter-Finals Lost
JEBAT RC Semi-Final Won
Bertam Final Lost
MY-BOT (Combat Robot Malaysia) @ Kulang 2017 Group B Helios Group Stage 1 Won
TRE01 Won
Group K DCEN 1 Group Stage 2 Won
Bertam 1 Won



Quarter-Finals Won
DCEN 1 Semi-Finals Won
KKTMPJ Final Won
  • Wins: 24
  • Losses: 3


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